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Thread: B13 rear fender flares...in metal.

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2014-04-29 18:50:52
OO your on my page man this is how we should be doing it, qualty meatle work! ive bee nmaking patch pannels my whol life here in broke poor West virginia, so i can certanly admire the skill it really takes to do this kind of work.
2014-05-01 15:19:51
Nice work, you always have the coolest projects. The only thing you might to differently is curve the edge that meets the cars body, so that the weld is a flatter section meeting another flatter section. The curve meeting the flat section isn't the strongest, and as you know, you need a little bondo that way. Your final project looks great, you certainly have a flare for this kind of thing.
2014-05-01 16:29:35
Looks great, I did some rust repair metal work similar to that on my rally car and it looks terrible compared to that. Something something lots of warpage.
2014-05-02 02:55:26
Very clean and tidy.
2014-05-02 23:18:01
Absolutely love it! Where do I place my order?
2014-05-03 03:44:38
Glad to know this car will be at the race again this year. I have a bunch of pictures of this car from 2011.
2014-05-08 02:35:55
This past Tuesday I went to Tim's and helped him install the rear spindles with the new monoballs, and we fitted the rear disc brakes.

Earlier in the day I stopped at Hoosier Tire East and purchased a brand new set of 225/45-15 A6's. We decided to test fit one of the tires to the 15 x 9" 949 Racing wheels we had. Fronts fit with nothing but a wheel spacer. Rears needed a combo of spacers about 3/8" thick to clear the struts after our camber was set (1.5 degrees negative).

Also, because of the arc the trailing arms make, the rear tires cleared the front and center of the rear wheel-wells (our new flares), but would have struck the rear of the flares where they meet the bumper cover. So I proceeded to do a little bit of hammer work with a plastic mallet and we got our clearance needed.

Here's $1000 worth of Hoosier tires.

Tim's not too picky about the paint on his car, so he just brushed on some gloss black POR-15 paint over the flares.

225/45-15 Hoosiers are damn near a perfect fit on 9" rims!

With the flat-wire springs added we were able to keep our droop travel designed in. Much better than the Tein struts that were on there before! More droop and compression travel means more grip over uneven surfaces. A necessity in New England hillclimbs. We are not going to run any sway bars at all. This is a lot of tire on a Sentra.
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2014-05-09 00:01:44
A thing of beauty, any shots of the whole car on the ground?

always act like the smallest lobster in the grocery store tank
2014-05-09 01:42:40
Originally Posted by jere
A thing of beauty, any shots of the whole car on the ground?

It hasn't been outside yet. Not enough room in his garage to get a pic on the ground.

Some old pics, dating from the mid 1990's until 2011.

Sentra @ Mt Washington | Mt Washington Auto Road Gravity Challenge

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2014-05-13 15:39:22
Originally Posted by jere
A thing of beauty, any shots of the whole car on the ground?

You can see how Tim just spaced out the bottom of the front fenders. No need for bigger front flares this way.

Not the best of pics, but it's on the ground at least.

Scaled the car and adjusted the corner weights (with Tim in the car).
Amazingly, in rally guise the car weighed 2470 without driver and codriver. Big difference! This number is without the driver BTW...

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