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Thread: What did you weld today?

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2013-06-27 01:24:15
CNCs are bad ass for sure. I want a water jet.
2013-06-30 12:03:12
Been so busy at office, havent been in the shop in nearly a month. Got some welding in to get my fix of argon inhalation. Working on a member's manifold as well, hopefully snap some shots up this coming week.
Quickie tubular bracket for rwd sr20det turbo intake pipe for MAF-less system. ground down powder coat, welded on 5" extension which needed support.
Machine: Everlast 185 Micro; Mode: DC; Amps: 20-30; Argon: 100% @ 18cfh; Tungsten: 1.5% lanthanated; Rod: .040 308L
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2013-07-06 01:53:25
Got a little work done on a VW this week.

2013-07-13 00:54:10
Finishing up the vdub

2013-07-13 07:15:27
my friend welded up some stuff for a buddys b13, no special welder just a cheap harborfrieght unit..

bumper support..

2013-07-16 01:49:15
Had a Toyota Tacoma come in today with a bad exhaust leak...found the problem.

Welded it up with a stainless 308 rod after preheat. My weld cracked the first time after I finished up so I decided to make several more passes and then post heat the manifold and it worked out good. We'll see if it holds up or not.

Had to make a custom windshield washer reservoir for this vw that I'm working on. Tried to make it as big as possible with what little room we had. It's 60series aluminum with a 2.75" neck. It's my first aluminum project in a long time, kind of enjoyed it.

2013-07-22 01:48:08
Do you have any problems with leaks welding on corners like that, or do you use a sealer of some sort? I have always heard the best way is to curve the corners some so the weld is on a flat section. Down side is that could get tricky depending on what you are working on tho...
2013-07-22 02:39:06
Had some small pinholes after I finished up. I actually went back and made a couple passes on each weld just to clean them up and eliminate any leaks. Looks ten times better now.
2013-07-25 00:21:48
So I've see that mostly all u guys use trendstone for piping, I wanted to know if there is any place that I could get a big kit of bends and pipe. I'm planning on making my own manifold soon and don't really want to buy individual pieces if I don't have to. It's going to be similar to a sidewinder and just maybe a little shorter. I'll be using a miller 212 mig because that's all that I have at the moment. Maybe info on the type of pipe grade and thickness will help too. Thank you guys and keep up the good work
2013-07-25 14:24:01
mazworx has some fairly priced manifold kits. there flanges are the best out and it comes with a good amount of bends. you may still have to buy some straight pipe to make a complete manifold and you would need a collector.

I buy my collectors from vibrant and for pipe I go to ace stainless.
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