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Thread: Let's talk about Fiberglass!

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2011-06-21 06:01:37
Let's talk about Fiberglass!
I'll start by saying I have never worked with fiberglass before.

Having said that-how many of you have used it before and how difficult is it to work with? Basically what I have in mind is to make a replica of a polyurethane side skirt.

From what I've read it seems like I need to make a mold but I'm wondering if there is anyway to do this without making the mold since I will only be making one copy. I am not trying to mass produce it!

What I was thinking is wax the polyurethane side skirt, apply the PVA, then Gel Coat and maybe a layer or two of fiberglass on top of the gel coat. I THINK that should be solid enough to separate from the poly side skirt. Once I separate I can reinforce the replica with more fiberglass from the inside.

I'm pretty much worried about the parts sticking! Any advice?
2011-06-21 15:12:13
use aluminum foil between the poly skirt and the fiberglass.
2011-06-21 17:28:44
www.racingcomposites.net: Login Required You might want to check that site out.

You can use the poly side skirt for a mold no problem. There is an Escort somewhere on the web that has all of it's panels made this way. It might not be as strong as other methods but it will get the job done. I would just use one layer of woven fiberglass and follow up with plenty of resin. Then use some chop strand mat as backing. Another tip would be to lay wax paper over the resin and FG while still wet. That way you can force push out extra resin and bubbles.

Make sure your order your supplies online and get fresh resin. Stuff at Home depot and boating stores tends to be expired that kills your final product.
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2011-06-22 02:29:53
thanks for the tips guys. I am definitely thinking about following thru on this project.
2011-06-22 03:46:55
Get some xylol it will get anything off, your going to need it

If for put glass on for side skirt then pull it off thats a mold, you will need at lest 3 layers of 1/8th chop mat 5 is good if you dont it will warp and not pull off right a layer of woven will really help to. I suggest doing both side skirts so you can make and sale some and mabey make some money. fiberglass is freaking easy after the mold is done.

keep the catalyst off of you it will burn like a mother after 2-5min
2011-06-22 04:11:09
So apparently fiberglass is sold by weight (ex. 1.5oz, .75oz, etc). What weight should I buy?
2011-06-22 19:48:40
I don't remember the weight but I do remember it was 1/8th thick.

It's been a long time since I worked with it.
2011-10-16 16:19:07
Get some spray foam and spray the back of the mold this will help it keep its shape and add some strength, and it pays to get a proper roller ie bubble buster etc
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