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Thread: To the guys who let me ride in or drive their cars

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2012-06-05 03:02:39
To the guys who let me ride in or drive their cars
I am home safe and sound after flying up and having no car all weekend.
Obviously thanks goes out to Louie and Rob and everyone else involved to make this so freaking awesome!!!

I just wanted to make a thread to thank all the guys who put up with me in the passenger seat on track,or in the car to events.
I had a blast getting rides on the roadcourse,in multiple cars.
Rain or not,way too much fun.I was giggling like a schoolgirl at times on track.
Just goes to show that even if you dont have your car there,you can have a great time anyway.
You guys know who you are,but heres a shoutout.
-Nate(wnright)...supercharged miata
-Chris(chriscar).....boosted B13
-Blair....DE b13 with c2 cams
-hammerin hank...bolted 99 se-l mostly stock(very surprising car with a good driver like hank behind the wheel.)

All of these guys were great drivers without a doubt,and all the cars were fun as well,but in different ways

Also want to thank the people who gave me rides to the restaurants,and tracks,and whatnot....or let me drive their cars.
I was bumming to not have my car(or a rental)....but my SR family got my back and made sure I didnt get left behind at the hotel.
Hopefully next year I will have my car to return the favor.

A couple examples off the top of my head...
-happynole and his family treated me like a family member...good ole southern hospitality right there...haha Joe even forced me to drive the Panda and rev it to 7500
-Hank...as down to earth as a guy could be.It was super cool riding around with you in the sleeper
-ShawnB...,but what a great guy full of surprises
There were others as well,gotten,so thanks to you all!!!
2012-06-05 03:12:20
Chriscar gave me a turbo-ride around the track, in a torrential downpour, at break-neck speeds. Pretty damned amazing how fast a 90's econobox can get around a wet track when the pilot has skills.

McCarp22 (Mike) not only gave me a very fun ride around the wet track in his nearly bone-stock Classic, proving unequivocally that skills trump anything else you can do to your ride, but he was also kind enough to offer lessons to me. Our schooling got cut a bit short, but there is always next year.

I gotta say, it is really, really cool that the "A" drivers were so damn helpful to us "C" drivers. There weren't really Track Instructors there, so our more skilled brethren took over.

Very much appreciated gentlemen.

I also got to switch rides one evening with Happynole. He grabbed my Classic, I drove the Joes Panda. I hate to say it, but P10's are really growing on me.
2012-06-05 03:18:09
Got to ride with chriscar. Fun as hell and put a huge smile on my face the entire ride. Thanks!
2012-06-05 03:24:48
Thanks to Blair and Hank for taking me for my first rides in a road course,also thanks to Joe and Kimmie for letting me use a helmet. The road course bit me hard.
2012-06-08 17:35:25
Anytime guys.

Cams, fresh tires and the exhaust pulled should make for a tasty ride next year.
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