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Thread: Daily Countdown Checklist

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2010-05-08 03:07:01
Daily Countdown Checklist
4 weeks and counting............what are you guys trying to finish up before the convention?

Kimme and I are going to pick up the Classic on Wednesday. I'm talking to someone Thursday regarding a quickie paint job, we'll see what can be done. Then off to GTE for wheel/chassis setup.
2010-05-08 06:20:16
I need some parts that won't be coming for a couple of weeks from Gspec (becuase I am broke).. That being SS brake lines and strut boots so I can put on my koni's and my ad22's...

I am also waiting for my summer tires to arrive.. And another one of my resonators. My 4" Magnaflow came in the mail today, so all I need now is the Dynomax and I can have my exhaust installed.

Cams are going in next weekend - I think... Lol... The KC Crew has been talking about helping with that for a couple of months..

I'd like to find the time to clean up the paint better than I did last weekend... But with everything else going on I don't know that I'll ever find the time.. Maybe the days before the convention... I'll be in KC the week prior..

I'd like to get my front strut tower on, but I'm waiting on a passenger side mount for Chucks 3 point brace.

Oh, before I do my struts and hypercoils, I gotta wait for my camber plates to come in the mail...

I need a project manager!!! Lol
2010-05-09 15:42:19
Painted the core support, painted under the hood, clear coated the wheels, clean up some of the hoses and wiring. Re-mounted a tire since it was put on backwards
Whats left is to put on new projectors with hid's and detail the car if I have time.
2010-05-10 03:17:15
Oil cooler installed.

Left to do:
Spring change on coilovers.
Oil cooler ducting.
Brake fluid swap.

Lap Time install if it gets here in time...
2010-05-10 07:07:41
ad22 and goodrich ss brake line install

I'm going to be broke at the convention
2010-05-10 17:08:03
Pack my bags and find something from the rental lot at the airport. Other than that, I think I'm good
2010-05-10 17:13:10
It will cost you a lot less to have someone pick you up at the airport and take you to a rental place that's not at the airport... Much less taxes usually...

I am volunteering to pick you up if it doesn't interfere with the timing of the caravan..
2010-05-11 17:26:25
Thanks but we're not too worried. How much money could we possibly save on a POS rental car? There doesn't appear to be anything too spectacular to go after trying to rent either. I want a prius so I can embarass some SE-Rs in a hybrid
2010-05-11 17:53:30
It's not about the car being a POS, it's just getting a Prius from say... Enterprise at the airport will probably cost 15-20 more a day than getting a Prius from Enterprise 30 miles away from the airport..
2010-05-11 19:29:06
move into my new place by the end of the month.
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