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Thread: Got Rod Knock at the convention? Post it here...

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2009-04-02 01:36:44
ouch... yeah, that's not sounding good..

We do use oil at the track though (*its why we constantly check and add as needed)

..but get yourself a mechanical temp gauge and monitor

2009-04-02 01:57:12
Here's a thread that includes a link to another thread on oil weight
2009-04-02 02:01:37
okay, thanks.. added my info there..
2009-04-03 02:00:02
Originally Posted by Chris101
One thing I will make note of is that we tried 10w40 and noticed the oil getting too hot in one run and immediately went back to 5w30 AT THE TRACK to avoid risking any damage. (monitoring oil temp told us the 10w40 was just too thick and running hotter) 5w30 and it all went back to normal.

10W40 overheated huh? Hmmmm... My motor had 66K on it and I'm the original owner so it's been very well taken care of. I only have the basic bolt-ons + S4 cams. The inside of the valve cover is spotless yet I got Rod Knock.
WTF?? I was running 10W40 Castrol Syntech. The oil level was "full" when it happened.

Do this, take you car to Roebling and see what happens! I'm telling you, it's the first time I've seen 4 SR20's go down with the same exact problem at the same time. Mind you this was my 3rd convention with my car. I really think the layout of the track had a lot to do with it.
2009-04-03 02:25:09
I've been to roebling road.. it's not any different in gforces than grattan or midohio (you can find trackmate data on it to show you this)
2009-04-03 07:43:25
i been meaning to ask this but what is the normal oil psi and temp for oil?
2009-04-03 09:55:55
Oil pressure depends on the oil pump/motor you have.

The DE+T setup I ran initially would sit around 60psi on cold start, and warm idle would be around 25psi, warm load would sit around 50psi.

The DET I now have with a VE pump is around 100psi on cold start, and 25~28psi warm idle, with load around 55~58psi.
2009-04-04 13:57:11
Originally Posted by SERacer
Not so. we run De motors in ITA all day long at sustained high rpm and g loads.

I think the Roebling layout does have something to do with it. We killed a motor in my NX there back in it's SS (circa 95) days too. From the look of it, the motor starved for oil in the last turn and spit the no.2 rod through the block.
2009-04-04 14:02:22
Originally Posted by Chris101
I've been to roebling road.. it's not any different in gforces than grattan or midohio (you can find trackmate data on it to show you this)

Without looking at any data I'd suggest that it's not the peak g's, but the sustained g's that are the issue at Roebling. Add to that the fact that our pickups are on the right side of the car vs alot of others that are on the left.
2009-04-04 15:23:39
^^^^He might be on to something. Roebling does have those huge skidpad like turns. Question is why did some cars have failures and others not.
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