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Thread: Dyno Day on Saturday

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2009-03-28 21:53:15
Originally Posted by MR-4Door-SR20DET
Hey I got to the dyno late, but I got JUN's car on VID. I'll be posting the VID up later

No later do it NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! You lucky bastards
2009-03-28 22:36:17
By the time I got in and actually found the shop it looks like they were completely done with the SR20 crowd and only American cars were there hehe.
2009-03-29 20:47:41
10.2k rpm is very loud.
2009-03-30 12:37:11
^Yes it is. I'm going to start my own thread because I took so many pics and post the 10.2 rev VID. I forgot my cable for the D-CAM, i'll go get it a lunch and get it up by the end of the day. I like 40 pics to post. The car made like 265-270 all motor.
2009-03-30 16:13:39
Who's got the numbers???
2009-03-30 17:23:06
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Who's got the numbers???

^Well Calum had a presentation that morning so the dyno was spread out quite a bit do to people attending that. It was a nice presentation though. I wanted to document the dyno runs better, but I wasn't able to. When I got there, JUN's car was the last to be on the dyno. I just went home and got my USB cable. I'll upload the VID of his run shortly.
2009-03-30 19:02:03
anybody got video of calums presentation or the dyno day?
2009-04-02 16:06:29
i wanna see jun's dyno vid !

2009-04-02 16:16:50
Originally Posted by STRATTON
i wanna see jun's dyno vid !


Its in there somewhere

2009-04-02 16:22:42
Originally Posted by mirrortints
Who's got the numbers???

Numbers for what?

Jun's car did 268whp.
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