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Thread: 4th Annual Texas Sr20 "DASH" Forum Meet 2013

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2012-08-20 13:59:52
Originally Posted by RoCKeT
Back on subject people. This isn't a dating thread Liu.. lol

haha what dating thread i have no idea what you talkin about

Originally Posted by blkbird2
Im in the Cayman island. Liu I got a class in McKinney next sat. Lets do lunch

ok give me a call when you back from the cayman island doc.
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2012-09-08 14:35:07
...may have a connect on Lake LBJ in Marble Falls...would be a great "end up at" spot.
2012-09-08 18:09:08
My uncle has a condo on the golf course @ horseshoe bay... but id still like to have it up here.
2012-09-09 01:52:27
How much are we looking at for a weekend at MSR?
2012-09-09 05:22:13
October is a cool month
2012-09-09 06:42:59
Well, Cyrus. we didn't just had a meet, not everyone had the time more money do the other events. But if you're willing to take the reins and lead.. by all means!

What are we looking at in terms of costs?
Location to accommodate the crowd.
R&R locations for the out of towners.
And the food man! I goes to have some good food.. hahah
2012-09-09 18:07:16
my wife is pretty much a chef... we have a few members that I am sure would have extra rooms, and closer to the date we can start looking for places to stay (hotels if need be)

I dont see this being super expensive. Id have to get some costs for a track day, then I will have a better idea about how much we will all have to save. just en estimate though about 300 bucks each. That could cover track/food/overnight stay/gas.

Dedrick, I dont know if MSR will do the weekend, or if its just one day or even 3hr/4hr or more sessions. If this gets serious, ill for sure call and figure out all the details.

My wife gives birth to our second child in about a week, so it will have to be after wards that I start gathering hard info.

Thanks to tall that might want to go and lets try and make this a serious Texas-wide meet. It will be very fun.
2012-09-09 18:23:16
There is also eagle canyon in denton va bit cheaper than msr
2012-09-10 17:38:58
Originally Posted by Cyrus
My uncle has a condo on the golf course @ horseshoe bay... but id still like to have it up here.

Where is "up here"?
2012-09-10 17:56:43
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