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Thread: 4th Annual Texas Sr20 "DASH" Forum Meet 2013

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2012-08-16 16:42:58
Back on subject people. This isn't a dating thread Liu.. lol
2012-08-17 01:57:15
Get a room...you three!
2012-08-17 22:27:48
any other date suggestions ?
2012-08-17 23:44:04
Easter vacations would be great for me...
2012-08-18 00:55:32
March 29-31?
2012-08-18 01:11:41
We can have more then one next year... Id love to put something together. We can meet around dfw, and have a drive out to Cresson and have a track day at MSR... Id saying when its still nice and cool in March or April. The Huston folks and Austin folks, it really doesnt take that much time to get here.

Id like to do something more then just meet (which from what I gather is what the last meet was, just a meet) and do some activities... We can put more stuff in the works. MSR is just the first thing that came to mind. They do offer track days for car clubs but Id have to contact them to see how much and when they do it.

There is also lots of local performance shops with dyno's and we can have a dyno day (or two).

We dont have to limit the meet to just Texans, really anyone in the bordering states are welcome to attend.

Does this catch anyones attention?

Even if we cant do this as a state-wide meet, Im still going to put this into works for the DFW group (however small it may be) and Might even see if any DNE members are still active and want to attend.

2012-08-18 01:15:15
We can make it a spring break thing... or yeah around Easter or something. It will really depend on when MSR is open and avail. All i need is some votes and Ill start the quest.

Was the last meet just one day hot-shot'in around then go home? If so, Id like to find places for us to stay at least one night to make it worth everyones gas and money.
2012-08-18 14:55:12
I just checked MSR's schedule and they don't show anything for the whole month of March so it appears that the Easter weekend is open (Mar.29-31). I'm open to any date...just tryin to get Sato there!
2012-08-19 02:33:15
I told you Oscar about the lake. Im a an office Pussy when it comes to heat
2012-08-19 02:48:59
Im in the Cayman island. Liu I got a class in McKinney next sat. Lets do lunch
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