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Thread: Anybody seen this on Craiglist?

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2009-05-17 16:19:18
Its not me! I actually forgot about it!
2009-05-17 18:07:57
The motor and tranny in that 200 are REALLY clean but if you look at the pics of them in the car, there is antifreeze all over the tranny lol.

I never saw this thread till now btw, did you guys figure out who he is? Any of you know him?
2009-05-17 18:35:09
Check this out.

FS SR20DET GTiR - TennSpeed
2009-05-26 07:25:44
I'd like to go for a ride in the car. Send me a PM, hendaddy02.
2009-05-28 19:38:12
I seen the car.... Its got its problems... I'll be throwing wrenches at it soon... The owner is a pretty cool guy...
I dunno bout the first sentra though. I heard about it, called the guy, and was supposed to go look at it/buy it, but he never called back. oh well.
2009-05-28 21:35:09
i wish i could find a gtir motor and shell for a grand lol
just for the gtir motor for parts itd be worth it to me!
2009-06-02 22:10:56
Originally Posted by AaroNX
Check this out.

FS SR20DET GTiR - TennSpeed

I came across the guy that bought that stuff trying to sell it high as hell on the other forum. I made a comment about his price and told everyone what he paid for it. What happens? Eric gives me some bs point deduction for disagreeing with his price and deletes my post. Who the **** is he looking out for? I know he doesn't care for me at all but damn. Here's the link to the guy trying to sell it.

TN: GTiR Swap fro B13 Sentra $2300+Shipping obo - SR20 Forum
2009-06-03 03:34:37
Man Eric sure is righteous.
2009-06-03 18:36:55
Sounds like it.
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