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Thread: Pics from flooding in Nashville and MidTN

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2010-05-02 14:20:37
Pics from flooding in Nashville and MidTN
This is happening all around me right now and the rain isn't letting up soon!!

This was floating down the "road."

2010-05-02 14:25:17
This is my interstate exit:
YouTube - Flooding in Nashville Area
2010-05-02 14:26:42
man that sucks.. keep safe man!
2010-05-02 14:27:54
YouTube - Building floats down I-24; Antioch (Nashville), TN
2010-05-02 14:31:30
Originally Posted by LIUSPEED
man that sucks.. keep safe man!

Thanks..luckily my house is high up enough, but this is so bad its flooding places that are not even close to a flood plain.

I've now got two creeks running through my backyard, where once I had none!

My basement's got an inch or so of water here and there, and we have a ton of remnant carpet and towels that are soaked.

My dad got stuck in Smyrna, and my mom's auto B14 might be hydro-locked, but they can't get to it until the rain stops..he had to hang out at a truck stop for hours because all the roads going in and out were flooded.

I couldn't get to him because Lavergne (betweem us) was literally shut down and an emergency was declared. I-24 (between us also) was shut down too.
2010-05-02 15:16:06
It's so crazy. It's not bad at all down here.
2010-05-03 23:29:03
How about an update here
2010-05-04 00:38:49
Everything in Nashville is under water. BAD. Even Beech Bend in Ky is completely under water.
2010-05-04 00:50:53
I hope all you guys and your families are safe.
2010-05-04 06:57:34
We are fine, we got lucky and it merely flooded our basement with about two inches of water. Unfortunately for us, the previous owner halfway finished the basement with huge swaths of carpet remnants and dry-walled rooms.

My days have been spent cleaning up the water, moving all of our storage stuff and bleaching everything.

Hiro got kind of lucky. The water stopped at his garage door. But where he works, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, got some serious flooding in the kitchen, drowning a bunch of his personal stuff. I haven't talked to him about it, but it could seriously impact his paycheck. They won't be back up and running for weeks, maybe months.

Thing about this storm, there was so much rainfall (13 inches!) that it affected several regions that are nowhere near a flood plain, such as mine.

And now all that runoff is going into the Cumberland River, totally flooding most of Downtown, including LP field.

They are saying that this is more than a 100-year flood, more like once in 1000 years flood. The previous record of rainfall was 6 inches back in '79.
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