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Thread: external boost gauge

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2019-05-25 01:15:39
external boost gauge
Is it possible to add external boost gauge data, if you can't do it already?
Would you just wire in the 0-5V analog output to the 5v input to the external box?

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2019-06-02 12:22:03
Any device that outputs a 0-5V signal can be connected to one of the ADC inputs on the breakout box. The 5V output from the breakout box can be used to power sensors that require that voltage.
2019-10-29 03:33:54
I am having a little issue getting the readings right. I have a PLX boost and oil connected and can't seem to get the readings correct. How does the Conv setting work? I have looked around and can't even find what it represents. I have managed to get the oil close, and boost is a bit off. Is it just a matter of playing around with it so to speak?
2019-11-03 13:42:39
Most of these sensors are linear - so you would need to enter two points of data.

For example - most fuel/oil pressure are.

.5 volts = 0
4.5 volts = 100 or 150

If you look into your map sensor and find out what the voltage output is you can determine the values that need to be entered.

I am not familiar with the PLX map sensor output scale but I am sure they have it in their documentation.
2019-11-27 09:39:23
Thanks for the bit more information. I am not running the PLX map sensor, just the PLX wideband, oil pressure and boost gauge. I hope to have a bit more of a fine tune this weekend .
At he moment I have
Wideband, Boost, Oil
Volts/ Conv , Volts/Conv , Volts/Conv
min- 0/10 , 0/-20 , 0/0
max-5/20 , 5/30 , 5/200
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