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Thread: Organizing and adding new emoticons.

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2014-09-24 14:11:00
Organizing and adding new emoticons.
I've wanted to overhaul the emoticons for a long time. We have a really good base of emoticons on this forum and stylistically they are very good IMO. However, there are duplicates that no one uses, old ones that are missing, some new ones we could use, and they aren't organized very well.

I've already done most of the organization changes. I plan on keeping the "quick list" of the 15 main emoticons exactly as it has been so there are no changes there which I'm sure most of you are happy about. It doesn't seem broken, so I'm not fixing it.

However, the expanded list will show you that they are now organized in categories. This should help people find what they are looking for faster, especially once I start adding a handful of new ones. Not tons of them, and nothing big or flashy or complicated... Just simple stuff we could use. The idea is to compliment the great set we already had with a few additional options that won't look too out of place. You'll see.

I should be done near the end of the day today. If something is not right when I'm done, or if something is obnoxious, or if you have one or two emoticons you really want to see added please let me know.

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2014-09-24 15:39:56
Horse beater icon please. That way @Keo can keep it up.
2014-09-24 16:12:11
Ask and ye shall receive.

If there's a different one you've seen that you like let me know.
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2014-09-24 16:17:00
It ain't a party without this one.

2014-09-24 16:20:08

2014-09-24 16:21:31

Since you need to remove one because it's a dupe, please get rid of pokestick and put poke on the quicklist.

2014-09-24 16:27:18
I've decided anything on the quick list will also be duplicated in the category sections for completeness. Like you said, they need different codes. I'm making everything in the quick list have the classic code we're all used to. The duplicates will require a new code. The emoticon is one I haven't gotten around to "fixing" yet. I will do it now so the quick list has the classic "poke" code and the duplicate is "pokestick".

I know I said I was deleting duplicates. I did delete some, but in the end because of how the quick list works (it draws from the first category, then the next, etc.) we might end up with more than we had before. It shouldn't be a problem though.
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2014-09-24 16:27:40
heck yeah, i remember when cliff took them out!!
2014-09-24 16:58:53
'Popcorn eating' for those intense moments...?
2014-09-24 17:05:12
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