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Thread: Can't Ship? Don't Sell!

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2014-04-28 21:49:11
You have a couple good points - I like the idea of clicking the box that you "Have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Classifieds section blah blah etc."

The problem with requiring tracking is many deals are done in person, I've had about 10 of you guys over the house in the past month to pick stuff up so of course there was no tracking number

And I agree people don't leave negative feedback because this forum is relatively small and they don't want to start shit. So for someone to leave negative feedback, at least here, they have to REALLY get f'ed over it seems.
2014-04-29 00:21:43
Burto and Storm, I will not buy or sell anything that needs to be shipped without a tracking label.

That is my personal selling and buying requirement. With everybody. Yes, I will pay for tracking as the purchaser, and yes it will be included on anything I am shipping out.

Just a couple bucks, peace of mind.

I would support it as a requirement on classifieds sales, or maybe sales over "X" amount of money.
2014-04-29 00:24:14
you dont even have to pay for tracking anymore at usps or ups they all come with it now and $50 insurance for free

why has this threads title changed so many times?
2014-04-29 02:05:09
Digging the current thread title.
2014-04-29 02:14:27
Originally Posted by morgans432

why has this threads title changed so many times?

Is two times, too many?

Third time around for the explanation twice mentioned thus far, this thread was spawned by the moderator @BenFenner and most entries were replicated from the old thread. The first name of the thread was from Ben. The second name from myself. 100% clarity.

The problem with the "feedback" section is just that same problem with the "Like-Only" system. Everyone only wants to talk about the good and never mention the bad, because bad. None of those ideals ever defeat or even substantiate the "positive-only" connotations.
2014-04-29 02:38:00
Been thinking about this...we all know communication is key! I'd say 3 days it plenty of time for almost any situation and anything over that should involve communication w/the classifieds moderator as well as the other party involved w/the transaction. Any deviation otherwise and the transaction is reversed.

Shit or get off the pot!
2014-04-29 03:46:29
I really like how overclockers forum handles their classifieds

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2014-04-29 03:57:26
Originally Posted by Shawn
Burto and Storm, I will not buy or sell anything that needs to be shipped without a tracking label.

I think you missed what I was saying - I always get tracking #'s for buyers for packages, but if you meet in person theres obviously no shipment of anything
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