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Thread: Moderator Nomination Thread

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2014-03-09 01:46:39
I was gone all day today. I wish I'd been able to post this earlier. I too was going to nominate @ny5speed.
Seeing the other names in this thread makes me think we have the blessing of having too many good people to choose from around here.

And thanks to those who have faith in me as well.
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2014-03-09 01:48:00
I will gather the final list tomorrow, those that were nominated by others and those that were seconded from my list will be added to a final list. At that point those folks will need to express if they are up to the moderator duties, if they are not they will be removed from the final poll.

Originally Posted by cortrim1

to the ladies and gentleman on this list if you are unable to perform the moderator duties please speak up. I vote for ny5speed and Kyle.

Agreed, that's not even the vote list, but before others consider nominating you.

Originally Posted by Kyle

I am not even on that list but appreciate for those who support!!

I didn't put you on the list because you were already nominated, I work for department of redundancy department, no reason to be redundant while on my personal time .
2014-03-09 01:57:41
I'm up for it but others are just as qualified if not more qualified.

Like already said, lots of good options out there IMHO.

Thankfully, this has been a great forum/venue and I hope it stays this way!
2014-03-09 01:58:43
Originally Posted by Keo

Shawnb would be good if he was active.

Exactly why you should vote for myself.

I can guarantee I will cut out the remaining bullshit artists around our tight community and keep it for what it was originally started in the first place, all of you enthusiasts.

And, I am as active as a mogwai being fed after midnight.
2014-03-09 02:05:40
Great I created a monster, next thing will see is Napoleon Dynamite campaigning...
2014-03-09 02:07:48
I vote that we ban everyone!
2014-03-09 02:08:07
Please that list is kinda meh, some are bad with people (like I was when I was experience vast lead poisoning) and some are not very active.
2014-03-09 02:52:31
It's an honor that I was brought up in this thread, but honestly, I'm not active enough to uphold it.
2014-03-09 02:57:37
When the vote happens, you think we'll be able to vote for as many candidates as we want? I know that's an option for the polling software. Or you want one vote from each voter?
I would love to see the ability to put down a check mark next to more than one name...
2014-03-09 04:45:24
We'll see what the current software offers tomorrow.
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