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Thread: New forum issues/comments thread

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2012-12-24 23:05:53
ALT+S and SHIFT+ALT+S works for me.
2012-12-24 23:17:02
test to see if alt+s submits... it did.

Im running Chrome on Win7

if you have more than 3 characters in the reply box it will submit what you have.
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2012-12-25 01:16:18
Tab, alt+s works. Still not satisfied though. Other forums don't require that. :numbness:

Last edited by Chriscar on 2012-12-25 at 01-18-15.
2012-12-25 01:23:41
Tab enter works argggggghhh

Last edited by Chriscar on 2012-12-25 at 01-24-07.
2012-12-25 01:40:26
How's this?

Ok, so it works when I'm logged in with the test account. It's either my profile, or the user group I'm in that's the problem.

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2012-12-25 01:43:22
Originally Posted by Chriscar
Tab enter works argggggghhh


Not sure what to tell you. I havent seen alt+s functionality in at least two years using firefox.

Interesting with the test account option though... ill do some research.
Last edited by Cliff on 2012-12-25 at 01-44-06.
2012-12-25 01:49:23
Added user_test to all the same groups that I belong to, and it still works. At this point, the issue seems to be tied to my account. Another weird thing, is when logged in with my account, if I try to do a quick reply with less than 3 characters, I get an error message, so at least the error checking part is working.

Last edited by user_test on 2012-12-25 at 01-51-51.
2012-12-25 19:50:25
Standard editor test
2012-12-25 19:53:28
Okay, the issue is with the "Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing" editor. If you take it back a notch to the standard editor, you can CTRL+S while focused in the window.
2012-12-25 20:15:12
To confirm that it's Vbulletin wide (meaning I can't fix it):

Login Required - vBulletin JIRA
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