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Thread: Username colors.

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2012-05-14 21:22:53
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I kid, I kid.

2012-05-14 21:27:58

2012-05-14 21:28:58

2012-05-14 21:36:00
Originally Posted by lynchfourtwenty
nice work with the colors there, you should think about bein an interior decorator or something.. .

I'm going to hair-dressing school at Ms. Mona Longtime's house of hair, nails, and lingerie.

Originally Posted by BenFenner

We have a winner right there.
2012-05-15 00:11:04
Originally Posted by 200sxsermatt
I'm not saying that it's a big deal... and my name being "color coded", to me anways, wouldn't be a perk... like someone else said, the extra PM space and extra pics isn't something that makes me want to donate anyway... just donating to help the guys keep up the site is good enough for me...

Actually the only reason we add extra pics and pm space is because otherwise people feel like they wasted money. Sadly we live in a society where people want something for their money, even if it's "Donating".

Originally Posted by Keo
I donated to ban Cliff but they didn't keep up there end of the bargain!

Instead we make him admin to piss you off!
2012-05-15 07:36:12
Originally Posted by BenFenner

2012-05-15 08:46:25
Originally Posted by BenFenner

Where do I sign up? Lol
2012-05-15 13:13:49
Originally Posted by BenFenner

Don't tempt me to allow images in signatures for certain individuals.
2012-05-15 13:18:23
Fuck, you did it you bastard.
2012-05-15 13:22:42
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