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Thread: Before anyone goes crazy: Hyperlinks

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2012-04-29 18:29:49
OK, maybe I just realized whats plaguing my head. Doesn't mean anyone else will agree, though. When looking at the thread titles, the user name is darker than the thread title, making it stand out more. If there's something I can do on my end to change that no problem, but thats what I'm seeing now.
2012-04-29 18:37:47
Yep, the username is black (same as all the normal text, even though it is a link itself), and all the links (outside of the post body) are a dark grey.
2012-04-29 22:20:21
Can we reverse that, make thread titles black and names gray?
2012-04-29 23:11:19
I'm mauling things over.

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2012-04-30 12:22:43
Fugly, when i look for a thread i don't look for there names. if i do, I use the search function.

turn it around or back to normal.
2012-04-30 12:23:02
Originally Posted by Cliff
I'm mauling things over.

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Please, please turn off the bold user names. The thread titles are bold when the thread is unread, and now it's hard to find the unread threads in the list because all of the user names are bold.

Please, please don't mess with the UI. The one we have works great.

Last edited by OnTheChip on 2012-04-30 at 12-26-03.
2012-04-30 12:36:44
The bold username was only a test. Not to worry, it was never intended to be permanent. In order for me to figure out where exactly in the threadbit to modify without making things goofy, I had to run a test.
2012-04-30 12:46:09
Whew! Glad to hear that!

2012-05-01 11:59:05
Please let me know if it's still too difficult to read. I've modified the colors so that the username is different enough from the rest of the forumdisplay template.
2012-05-01 12:19:37
to me it is way to difficult to read. the font is too thin.

edit: my problem was chrome not forum. sorry
Last edited by Keo on 2012-05-01 at 13-41-43.
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