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Thread: Annoying Tab Opening

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2010-10-05 06:25:35
Annoying Tab Opening
Everytime I open a thread, or the User CP, or click anything on the forum, I get an annoying redirect popping up as though it were adware. I've cleaned the PC and sadly, this is the only site it does it on, hence my concern. And when I say every time, I mean every time

If I'm the only one that this is happening to I'll gladly shut up, but since no other forum (vbulletin or otherwise) does this, and that it does it on all my browsers, and does it not only here but on my laptop and work PC, makes me wonder.

I'd post where it's going but that seems like a bad idea unless you really want to see. Really I want to make 100% sure it isn't something goofy going on in the forum so I'm not chasing a ghost on my PCs.
2010-10-05 13:32:36
hmm what browser do you use? When did this start? I have nothing like this.
2010-10-05 13:33:20
I'm not experiencing it here.
2010-10-05 13:46:09
Using Chrome, but it also happens on Firefox and IE. Started for me maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago. Gone through everything on all the machines, including uninstalling and reinstalling the browsers, and it persists.

The fact that neither of you get issues makes me think it's localized, but at this point I'm curious how my shop's PC would inherit the problem as it's never shared files or been networked with the other two.
2010-10-06 16:28:25
I dont have this problem either...
2010-10-08 02:54:17
Kill your cookies and cash and see if that helps
2010-10-08 03:29:02
Might just be some settings on your browser.
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