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Thread: B13 Body Panels

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2016-04-15 15:30:52
B13 Body Panels
Does anyone know of any places to get body panels? I was doing some digging over the winter and having a hard time finding parts. Wanting to repair rocker panels and some support parts (not me personally but find someone that can) and most things I need are not available anymore. Or some Nissan parts sites will list them in stock but I call or write and they cant actually get them.
I know people who could fabricate things, but its a 94 sentra... not really looking for perfection. Just want to repair and stop rust and have a decent looking car to play around in.

I know they still make them in Mexico and other countries, any way to order parts that way?

Just looking for any resources someone might have. Thanks
2016-04-15 16:39:47
Not too many people on the forum have a clue about body panels. Reason I say that is because I've asked the same question you're asking and no one knew anything. So I did the research myself.

What it boils down to is how much you are willing to pay. Junkyard body parts are usually worse than what you already have on the car, if the junkyard even carries something that old. Nissan ones are still available but there are very few left in the country. They're the most expensive obviously. For example I priced out some front fenders and Nissan wanted Close to $300 per panel. There's another company who sells aftermarket body panels by the name of National Auto Body of of Texas. They sell certified and noncertified body panels. I just recently bought a pair of front fenders from them which were CAPA certified. Honestly I haven't totally unwrapped them but they seem like decent quality and since they're certified they should fit perfectly. My one quarrel with them is packaging. They packaged the fenders extremely poorly. Another company is Keystone but I've heard bad things about them. I admit that I do not have much experience with autobody work but there's nothing worse than rusty panels.

What all do you need? If it's rocker panels you may have a lot more work on your hands and then just simple fenders
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2016-04-18 16:21:53
Thanks for the reply and good to know that not many here get into body work.

Its mainly the rocker panels going up into the wheel wells and I have a good feeling the inside rocker is not in good shape either. I'm sure its 1000 times worse underneath than I can see...

I know some people that have tools to fabricate too, except they work on rat rods and muscle cars and aren't really interested in working on a 94 sentra unfortunately.
2016-04-18 18:49:22
Yeah you won't find too many people who are willing to tackle bodywork on a 90s Japanese car especially if there's quite a bit of rust involved. The sheet-metal is very thin compared to muscle cars back in the day and so person who's really good at mig welding is what you need. A big problem with these cars is that they rust from the inside out so I guarantee that your rust problem is worse than it looks. Very few shops are willing to work on rust let alone warrantee any of their work but there is a place in Rhode Island called Auto Rust Technicians that works on rust and I believe they even warrantee it. You might want to look into that because there's no one on this forum that is willing to do that even for good money because it's just a hassle to be honest .

Anyone with enough time can do mechanical work but bodywork in my opinion is an art.
2016-04-19 02:59:03
This is why we go to self service yards in Phoenix to get our own parts when we need them to replace dented stuff (AKA love taps from racing) because it means zero rust (this includes cutting out whatever we need from Sentra's in yards there with the battery power sawzall) ...stuff in the midwest cannot be trusted due to the rust factor unfortunately.

Front fenders, however, are readily available in the aftermarket as an FYI
2016-04-19 06:09:32
Ive been fixing rust for 10+ plus years, ill make that rust disappear and make new panels for it for ya
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