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Thread: Turbo 91 SE-R on eBay

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2014-01-21 03:17:05
Originally Posted by Storm88000
IDK.. because the house I grew up in ( a much larger colonial style ) it was $50k

BTW back on topic, I emailed the seller of the Se-R on eBay, his RESERVE price is set at $8,500.

We need more people like this to help drive up the value of our shitboxes(and I mean that with the utmost love and respect)
maybe I can get 7000 for my VE nx on ebay?? NOT
2014-01-23 02:53:54
Car has been at $5,600 since yesterday. no way he'll hit his $8500 reserve, has only 11 hours left
2014-01-23 16:04:35
Originally Posted by Storm88000
Car has been at $5,600 since yesterday. no way he'll hit his $8500 reserve, has only 11 hours left

it did!!!!!!! wtf?????
2014-01-23 16:34:17
So it went from 5600 to 8500 reserve in less than 2 days and with only 4 bids total??

LOL! This will be relisted on Ebay shortly as something simple does not add up

Or it sold behind the scenes..........Who knows!
2014-01-23 23:20:55
what the hell? that's bizarre
2014-01-24 00:15:36
If it wouldn't cost me anything I'd list mine with a published reserve of $25k.
2014-01-28 13:49:47
Ok, so CLEARLY there are some shenanigans going on here, because it's BACK UP FOR SALE on eBay:

Nissan Sentra SE R | eBay

Just this time the wheels have changed and his reserve is set at $6,500 instead of $8,500 the first time. He still will never get that much for it because it has 217,000 miles on the vehicle although the motor is a GTi-R swap. I have 128k on my 92 VE w/ about 20 more modifications and a brand new 5th gear etc. and I'd be asking realistically about $2000 less especially if I just had B14 wheels on it.

Not sure exactly whats going on because IIRC it costs $75 to list a car for sale on eBay and then $75 again IF it sells. And it also costs more to set a reserve. So something is up.. I don't know what exactly.
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2014-01-28 19:16:33
Read the mods list I see why it only made 325hp on 20psi (fail tune). It has a Lag manifold instead of a log manifold. Must be something new, a manifold that keeps the turbo from ever spooling up. SICK Car duder!
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