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Thread: What would you have done differently?

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2013-07-20 07:21:29
Originally Posted by Shawn
Originally Posted by SE-Rtainlyb13
If you were in charge of the design team for Nissan in 1990, what would you have done differently to the Sentra SE-R? Would you keep it for the same market audience? Any aftermarket considerations?

Honestly, I think they did a pretty darn good job.
- I'd shorten the overhang on the bumpers (similar to the Sunny)
- I'd offer 60/40 fold down rear seats as an option
- Stronger 3rd gear somehow
- I'd get Nismo involved early on to spur on the aftermarket support

With all this, the price would stay almost the same, so It would still be great value!

Just for fun.


Cool topic.

I'd like to upgrade your "Stronger 3rd Gear" to...

*Better Overall Tranny - Including the case, gear stacks, synchros, etc.... Throw an extra hundred bucks at it at the factory parts level, and up the Dealer Price by a hundred and fifty bucks.

Originally Posted by SE-Rtainlyb13
What about the suspension? Just get rid of the macpherson struts?

Too expensive. You need to keep the cost about the same. One of, if not Thee, major selling point for the SE-R was the price/performance ratio.

Originally Posted by sr20aphex

That would be an easy factory option since the motor came turbo in Japan.

Originally Posted by ga16eats
make a b13 ser spec v version with a ve

No bueno.

You are in 1990. VE does not exist. It has to be options or upgrades that were at least feasible, and they cannot cost a shit-load on a vehicle whose primary selling point was it's cost/performance ratio.

Originally Posted by SE-RMonkey
- Variable int. wipers
- Lower stance (less tire/fender gap)
- 4 door version
- Turbo/awd edition
- Split rear seat

4-door. Yessssssss.

*Nismo SE-R - Turbo/awd would have been terrific for the Nismo SE-R or whatever they called it. Would have commanded a premium over and above the standard SE-R. Limited numbers brought in probably, just for serious enthusiasts. Kick an extra 4K at the Dealer Price. It would have still been a serious Performance Bargain with an excellent price/performance ratio in 1991.

*NX2000 brakes standard on the SE-R. Add negligible cost. Just up the quantity of NX parts ordered. Add thirty dollars to the Dealer Price.

*Front Strut Tower Bar - Easy as can be and cheap. Stock item on plenty of other factory performance vehicles. Add ten dollars to the Dealer Price.

*IKEA Brace - More structural rigidity for the performance platform. Stock on all SE-R models. Add twenty bucks to the dealer price. Screw 60/40 fold down seats.

*Stiffer Motor Mounts - The Nismo/JWT ones or the Place Racing compound. Slightly softer and more comfortable than Prothanes. Maybe keep the big squishy liquid-filled motor mount the same, but make the ones that resist the torque much stiffer. Add thirty-bucks (tops) to the Dealer Price.

*Interior Door Handles - Upgrade the strength with thicker plastic. Add a dollar to the Dealer Price.

*More Goop On the Factory Tail-lights - Add a nickle to the Dealer Price.

*GTiR Gauge Pod - Stock on the aforementioned theoretical Nismo SE-R with turbo/awd. Available as a two-hundred dollar Dealer Option on the SE-R.

*Move Seatbelts - To the B pillar. Fuck the US Transportation rules. Zero cost.

*Delete Sunroof on any and all SE-R vehicles - This is a Performance Car for performance enthusiasts. Putting a hole in the roof decreases structural rigidity and handling. Putting a bunch of weight at the top of the vehicle is detrimental to handling characteristics. No fucking sunroof available on any SE-R. Period. You want a sunroof? Cut your own. Delete $200.00 from Dealer Price.

*Nismo Suspension - Standard on Nismo SE-R, optional on SE-R. Lower stiffer progressive springs (300/200, Hyperco-like) AND shorter, stiffer factory front struts (CSK-like). Both of which could have easily been designed, tested and built by Tokico. Add $600.00 as an SE-R option on the Dealer Price.

*B14 SE-R Wheels - Stock on the Nismo SE-R, an option on the standard SE-R for an extra $200.00. While the wheels did not exist yet, the technology to build them and tires to put on them, did exist.

With all that said? I am still glad I bought my SE-R brand-new in 1993 and still have it. Nissan got most of the vehicle spot-on, and it was, and still is a performance bargain.

Shawn B

Most of this and I would like the gti-r awd option too.
2013-07-21 01:39:23
seat belts not attached to the doors.
2013-07-22 00:54:34
Used better metal so they wouldn't rot to pieces. And make transmissions that are stronger than single ply toilet paper.
2013-07-22 16:08:28
Never spent cash on these shit boxes and put it towards a house
2013-07-22 16:33:59
Originally Posted by Re-spect
Never spent cash on these shit boxes and put it towards a house

Thread is over. This response has won.

- - - Updated - - -

Originally Posted by Mdezi3000
seat belts not attached to the doors.

@Shawn B (for B14 seat belt mod)
2013-07-29 23:08:34
Move window cranks forward and upward as not to interfere with CD cases sticking out of the door pockets. I was reminded of this today by yet another bloody knuckle.
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