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Thread: Headliner!

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2011-03-08 10:39:32
Tip! I learned this the hard way. Put headliner glue on the headliner and on the fabric too. When I did it the first time I only put glue on the headliner and the fabric unglued from the headliner some days after Good luck!
2011-03-08 22:25:16
what sucks is getting the headliner off after you mess up..

the original cloth and foam come off pretty easy, but if you mess up, getting the freshly glued item back of is a pain.
2011-03-13 08:08:41
Thanks everyone here are my results Very EasY


2011-03-17 23:51:38
looks very nice.
2011-03-18 00:27:43
Lol at first I thought your old headliner was what you did.. I was gonna say...... LOL Turned out really nice! I took my headliner off about a month or 2 ago and haven't had the money to replace the material yet =\ soon i'll be doing this too though
2011-03-18 01:21:54
Good luck man it was so easy!
2014-01-30 16:50:13
how did you get the headliner out? anyone have tips on that? my complete headliner is falling on my beater, and just want to have more head room, i just cant deal with it falling down like it is..grrrr lol
2014-01-30 19:14:48
Really? I did a write up in the "How to" section.

As for removing, pretty much gotta remove all panels that 'touch' the headliner, "oh crap" handles, rear view mirror, visors, dome light, and the 4 plastic mounting thingies by the rear window. I would also recommend removing the seats (at least one side) to give yourself more room to manuever it out the door but iirc I just laid the seat all the way back and was able to get it out with no issues.
2014-01-30 20:19:19
what about a 4 door? would you go out the front or back door? that seems a bit trickier..slightly bigger headliner, slightly smaller door opening..
2014-01-30 21:11:03
I've recovered hundreds of headliners on dozens of vehicles (compacts to SUVs) and I've never seen a headliner yet that didn't come out the front door (unless you count the two-piece headliners in SUVs with 3rd rows).
At the worst, you may have to remove the front seat.
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