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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2014-04-10 10:36:31
Drove it today finally. CMFX500 clutch INSTALLED! DAMN does that thing grab. If you don't have really really strong motor mounts in you car don't bother with this clutch because it grabs so hard. *I* even stalled it one time backing up and I'm used to the Fidanza flywheel and all lightened pulleys etc. Also got new trim pieces that aren't all scratched up.

For me, the "season" officially begins Sunday, there is a big car show/swap/drag racing event @ Englishtown I may go to. But there are a buncha SCCA events coming up too (auto-x) but I don't plan on hotlapping until Ohio because my current tires SUCK RUSTED SE-L BALLS
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2014-04-10 12:14:18
Driving to work today! Waaaahoooooo
2014-04-10 13:19:06
Originally Posted by Kyle
Driving to work today! Waaaahoooooo

Me too, again. Hope the classic tag police aren't watching....
2014-04-10 14:08:09
So far, I have had no sightings so I suppose I will continue to drive it if the weather is good. Rain tomorrow so the B13 will stay at home base.
2014-04-10 20:55:58
I am antsy to leave work, go, time, go!
2014-04-10 21:26:18
Yah, today was a nice treat, 62 and sunny in PA
2014-04-11 01:50:43
Same here storm, hit about 65 in NH! Although instead of breaking out the beast I opted to start swapping over to a VE valve cover I've been sitting on since last July. Everything's in place. I modified the PCV "y-pipe" tube to work with the new VC, removed the oil catch can, spark plug wires, and a couple more things. Just gotta out with the old and in with the new! Saturday!
2014-04-11 02:38:41
Originally Posted by karibah
yeah @mercado ser, I have tons of pics but I decided not to post much until the car is at the next phase. I'm not new to this forum and my original account was actually closed and deleted. I just can't see myself creating a whole other build thread right now.

Doesn't have a brand @92_sEnAtRa but its a floor brace I got from a forummember years ago; I ain't new to this forum and I ain't new to the Nissan or Sentra game either. I'm big on chassis and suspension tweaking so there's no length I didn't go to, to get these rare items for my build.
ohhh ok or send me few ill like to see the rhd side
2014-04-11 05:41:40
today was a good day to drive around and carefully break in a clutch
2014-04-12 01:52:56

Got her back on solid ground! Nothing much more satisfying than taking the car you've been working on all winter, driving it straight out of the garage on an hour-long drive with zero issues or drama of any kind. Although having a valid AAA card nestled in my wallet definitely took any stress out of the ordeal. The Prothane motor mounts are surprisingly liveable, of course there are extra vibrations but not nearly as bad as I expected.

Looking forward to some more driving in the daylight tomorrow and making whatever adjustments I need to for the car to be ready to return to racing via RallyCross next weekend! The car is legal for Prepared FWD right now but I'm going to just run Modified FWD anyway and see how close I can get to the dedicated MF guys. Psyched!

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