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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2011-11-30 03:08:28
Finally got my clutch . Now need to resurface my flywheel and im good to go
2011-11-30 03:40:59
Rear tsuru lights, mudflaps, and another 91-92 cluster (rpm works)
2011-11-30 03:42:39
Originally Posted by jjkamikaze
Finished the front of my project 4-door by doing a full zenki conversion and paint, just needs the lip put on. back and front are pretty much done for now just need to do the doors and the roof. Once the body is all squared away ill address the interior, suspension, brakes, and wheels.

Where did you hear people call it "zenki" ?

Are you talking about the sunny grill?
2011-11-30 05:28:36
91-92 front (bumper,headlights, corners, grill and bumper garnish) is the original or early model and is commonly called zenki where as a facelift on the same model of car would be called kouki. you can see these terms used in every japanese car that has had mid-model run facelifts. for example the 95-96 s14 is zenki and 97-98 is kouki.
I hate the Kouki front on b13s with the 2 part garnish and larger grill, and dont get me started on the hideous plastic headlights that get all foggy.
2011-11-30 07:30:09
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2011-11-30 15:00:12
japanese parts dealers use it with every model car. I have been modding japanese cars for a long time and on top of my 6 sentras, 7 240s, a z33, which have all had that term used by parts dealers and tuners i have heard it used with the toyotas i have owned and even seen it used by japanese companies when referencing german cars. Its a common set of terms in the japanese car industry and is not specific to 240s at all. It has been used long before 240s were even built.

and no i put in a 91-92 sunny grill and 91-92 sentra lights, bumper garnish, and bumper. it was originaly a 94 front end.


Last edited by jjkamikaze on 2011-11-30 at 15-06-12.
2011-11-30 20:11:13
Your right, but your basically the first person on the forum to go by those terms.

Here we call the front ends

91-92 / jdm gts

93-94 jdm supersaloon

not sure if I mixed them backwards.
2011-11-30 22:06:51
Resurfaced The Flywheel .
New Clutch Kit In .
6 Puck Unsprung .
New Output Shaft Seal .
Did An Oil Change .

Current Miles 219000 .
2011-11-30 22:22:30
Took it for one last spin, tossed some stabil in the tank and hooked up the trickle charger.

After weeks of driving the caddy around, the b13 feels insane lol.
2011-11-30 22:27:14
^^^ wow, note to self, don't use TapaTalk's image hosting from the phone
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