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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2010-11-27 04:44:12
Looked at it and wondered why there was a fridge not even an inch behind it.
2010-11-27 04:51:34
Took the offspring (10 yr old son) out for a couple slices of pizza, looked around for the po po and did a 2-4 gear pull. He absolutely loves the wastegate flutter!
2010-11-27 06:29:24
I went to the junkyard to find some new parts... About 20 sentras there but none of them were sr20's... Only sr20's was 1 95 200sx and a couple misc g20's...
2010-11-27 15:03:57
I tried to start it up for the first time in a month yesterday. No go. Odyssey was dead.

Pulled the battery, took it inside (no electricity in the cattle barn) and hooked it up to the trickle charger. Should be fully charged today.

Will reinstall battery, and attempt to fire it up today. Might even drive it in a small circle directly in front of the barn. Let it fully warm up.

Then back into the barn.

Currently I cannot get it from the cattle barn to our dirt road, and even if I could cross the ditch, I cannot drive the car over our RR tracks to get to the highway. I need to get all that fixed in order to even drive my beloved Classic.

Makes me miss the f*ck out of it.
2010-11-27 15:25:35
Originally Posted by red91sr
wastegate flutter

2010-11-27 21:45:21
Got her on jack stands, removed some EGR trash, bought some caliper paint. Big ups to my homie ERK!!!
2010-11-27 22:01:26
Might go to get the tires rotated & clean it up a bit (the interior) but thats if it starts tho, but the Optima still reads at 12volts? Got to get her ready, nice & shiny to post her up for sale again!
2010-11-27 23:25:17
Reinstalled my fully charged Odyssey.

Fired it right up.

Slowly pulled out the barn thinking I could make the drop from the concrete to the dirt unscathed. Not so. Scraped the crossmember just a bit. Which was too much, thank you.

Used a large garden wagon to haul four loads of dirt, which I dug up, then relocated to make a dirt ramp from the grass to concrete. Packed tight, stomped down. Nice and smooth.

Let the Classic idle for a while, till the fans kicked on and off, then turned it off. Fired it up an hour later, made a few 30' circles in our pasture, where it is very flat, then pulled it slowly back into the cattle barn. Up my smooth as butter dirt ramp.
2010-11-27 23:27:43
Originally Posted by BenFenner

Yeah I know, its very slight and I've tried and tried to eliminate it to no avail.
2010-11-27 23:37:52
Went to the parts store today, local import parts store thats been here for probably around 30yrs now. While picking up some routine maint. items I noticed a row that had a nice assortment of horns on it. Now to me personally the stock se-r horns are quite the embarassment!

So I bought a Fiamm horn and brought it home and installed it, simple install, took all of 10 mins to do, new horn is aprox. twice, maybe three times louder than the stock one. To me its pretty much the perfect volume. Loud but not obnoxious.

Part number is 72112, dont know if you'll be able to get it local and if you are interested here is Fiamm Technologies contact info: E-Mail: [email]hornsales@fiammtech.com[/email]
Phone: (231) 775-1373

Few pics:


Horn was only $14.25 BTW and I also had to "hotrod" the factory mounting bracket with a
45 or so degree bend as seen in the pic.
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