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Thread: What Did You Do To Your B13 Today?

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2012-08-20 20:18:36
takes a deep breath.

1.had stock knuckle machined (to remove broken abs sensor and broken nut/ extract seized axle
2. had new wheel bearing pressed in knuckle
3. had new hub pressed in new bearing
4. bought new drivers side axle
5. bought new abs speed sensor
6. bought new lower ball joint
7. had fastbrakes rotor resurfaced
8. bought new calipers both left and right
9. bought new front brake pads

then i assembled everything needless to say it was a real pain in the ass as the car had been sitting for over a year so parts were rusted/seized broken ect which made the whole job a real pain in the ass.

next i am wiring up my autometer oil pressure gauge, wiring up my autometer boost gauge. and installing aem wideband along with manual boost controller.....and then a fesh tune at 20 or so lbs...hoprefully
2012-08-22 08:54:14
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
Originally Posted by Echo2zz
Those black drags look good on the b13

Are you confusing the real rims with fake ones?

Sorry for the Insult on my part!! Smh!! Don't know what I was thinking. The SSR's look good
2012-08-22 21:30:55
may not have been today, buuuuut (this past friday):

- cranked coilovers up a bit
- installed Progress RSB
- spun shifter around (don't ask)
- installed CS Shifter Stabilizer

due in the next week or two:

- alignment
- safety check
- registration
- splice in blue OBDI ecu plug (don't ask)
- plug in JWT ecu
- splice in N60 MAF
- new tires

and that is about it folks! pretty sick of this pulling-all-over-the-road and 10mpg sh*t. hahah!

updates to come...

aka hawaiiaNX
Last edited by hawaiiaNX on 2012-08-22 at 21-33-07.
2012-08-23 02:23:17
i did a few days ago lower ball joint was a real PITA.

today did transmission fluid change. went with valvoline 85w140 off bat im likin the stuff transmission is very smooth quiet and butter gear changes.

tomorrow going to do rear brake pads.

car is really coming together.
2012-08-24 09:10:42
This week includes-
New suspension.
Found a new, huge fucking dent, like basketball big. I'm heated about it noone in our shop will fess up either.
Starred at that dent for 2 days now shaking my head and muttering curses to myself each passing time.
Installed new Autometer water temp and boost gauge.
2012-08-24 15:46:41
Drove it to work

2012-08-24 15:55:41
^ Jimmi...she looks great man!!!
2012-08-24 17:09:13
Fixed the SE-R's trunk rattle in 10 seconds for ZERO dollars....

Step 1. Pop trunk
Step 2. Bend trunk latch mechanism appox. 1/8" back
Step 3. Close trunk

Also had to show some moron in a busted-ass, riced out Hyundai Accent who the MF'ing boss was.
Last edited by SE-RMonkey on 2012-08-24 at 17-09-50.
2012-08-24 17:18:14
Originally Posted by b13sr20BB
^ Jimmi...she looks great man!!!

Thanks, just need the CF parts to set it off!

Plus the mirror covers.
2012-08-25 13:18:13

Washed her, cleaned the rims and tires, and waxed the CF hood, trunk and gas door.
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