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Thread: Belt Keeps shredding/coming loose? 91 SE-R

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2008-01-22 00:35:33
Belt Keeps shredding/coming loose? 91 SE-R
This is the 2nd time it has happened, first time the belt shredded in half basically, Today (2nd time) I started the car and it kinda stalled for a second or so than it started fine, I knew the sound so I looked and popped the hood and saw that the belt wasnt even on the pulley. What could be the deal?

This is the belt in the back. Water pump and Crank I think?
2008-01-22 00:41:25
something locked up? is the PS pump missing a pivot bolt or something?
2008-01-22 00:42:05
check your mounts......my mounts had no nuts on em...and then caused it to shake and angel itself to mess up my belts..i also have no clue what im talking about so yea
2008-01-22 01:04:41
chipped pulley surface
2008-01-24 03:10:18
Originally Posted by classicaddict
chipped pulley surface

+1 or a pully is bent along the rim...happened to me a time or two
2008-01-24 04:18:13
Originally Posted by FORZWIN
+1 or a pully is bent along the rim...happened to me a time or two

thats the reason i bought my under drive pulleys.....my stupid ass tried to remove my crank pulley with a screw driver.....the puller was in the tool rome and i was just to lazy to get it
2008-01-24 05:56:02
that or the wrong size belt
2008-01-26 03:40:48
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
that or the wrong size belt

wrong size can only be to short or to long;

to short:
you cant get it on.

to long:
to much slack and it will normally make a terrible noise and jump off the pulleys or shread. untill that happens your alt wont charge well, water pump will blow, and every turn you make will make the power steering system scream.

if you meen the belt has to many ribs when you say its the wrong size, and you dont notice the belt is to wide, then your dumb lol.
2008-01-27 07:38:48
i kinda meant more like right size to many ribs
2008-01-30 23:03:51
kind of offtopic, but one time i ran over a pastic bag on the road thinking nothing of it. the next day while driving, my battery and brake like comes on indicating a dead alternator. needless to say, the bag got caught up in the pulleys and messed with the belts and eventually both my belts got shredded and the bag was all wrapped around the crank pulley.
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