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Thread: Power Steering Pump - Is it going?

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2009-04-06 03:17:03
Power Steering Pump - Is it going?
Hey all, I haven't had too much experience with FWD or Japanese, but now I've got a '91 SE-R I picked up two weeks ago yesterday. When I start it, what I suspect is the power steering pump whines a lot like an rc car cruising, but I've heard this sound before coming from small-engine FWD cars, and figured it was a common thing, but when my dad saw and heard it today, he was sure it was the pump. This car was sitting for 2 years, and I think maybe I should just change the belts. The fluid looks great and it's all there, there are no leaks, and the steering is crisp and precise and slides from lock to lock very smoothly. It does quiet down once the car warms up after about five minutes. If it is going, where can I find a unit that would be cheaper than the $400+ courtesyparts.com is quoting, and for how long can I keep on without replacing it? Also, would it be cheaper to do a PS delete than to replace it? By the way, this is a DD and will probably never see track or autoX duty until years down the road. It will never be quite ShawnB's ultimate DD, but that's more the route I want to go than anything else, really. Thanks in advance for any help.
2009-04-06 22:46:37
Belts #1, alternator #2, pump #3. Hell, you can go to a pullapart yard (dallas?) and pick one up for a few bux. 60% on the front of a 2600 lb car is a bit much for an enjoyable ride with no ps, imo. Shawn's dd is an amazing piece, big bux indeed to replicate.
2009-04-07 04:32:38
Thanks for your help, jerryeads! Is that a series of "if that doesn't work" repairs, or a list of "must-do" repairs? I'll start with the belts either way. The alternator's in good shape, but i do worry about that bubbling sound with the PS pump. And yeah, that weight distribution would definitely callus my hands and give me some ripped triceps and biceps. Damn. I'll have to start sniffing around the pickaparts.
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