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Thread: New '91 Classic Owner - new to Japanese, low on funds, in need of advice

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2009-08-13 05:18:02
I figured out a few things today.

1. There is such a thing as a MAF gasket and I don't have one, hence why my MAF benefited from another spraying with the specially formulated cleaner.

2. A multimeter's easier to use than I thought, so I'm a doof.

3. Using said multimeter, I discovered that my MAF at idle was at about 34-35mv, when a 'good' range is under 9mv. Using my temporary solder-free reground, it's down to 18mv. Maybe after a real soldered connection, it'll get lower.

4. A power inverter is my solution to the 'I need a 100' extension cord to run from my apartment to my car so I can solder this' problem. Again, I'm a doof.

5. I have a JWT pop charger (missing a filter) with a MAF attached to it that I got from somebody on the other forum, and just picked up an AEM intake from ruf75 on this forum. Although having both of these in my possession will fix my intake problems, I still need a filter (probably going with S&B, I think Vadim's suggested that), tools to cut up my fender, and a way to not get screwed by hydrolock when it rains. In other words, I can't put this stuff on yet until I spend some more.

6. I picked up a complete set of B13 SE-R wheels, also from ruf75, so the plan is to sandblast and paint or powdercoat the B14s I'm currently riding on while I putz around on those. However, powdercoating is more expensive than I thought, and painting may not be that much cheaper unless I do it myself. However, these'll hold me over till I can afford those 6ULs.

7. Realized also that no matter how cool I think I am, bass I can use is still going to be at least $150, which is cheap, but I'm broke, so damn.

8. As much as I hate it my paint is all kinds of dinged, chipped, scratched, and otherwise screwed. I'm considering going flat grey primer for a while, it'll look smoother (although more ghetto) but if I do body work myself as I go along but it'll save me money in the long run. And I'll have the experience of bodywork. The other option is trying to repaint stuff with white rattlecan in hopes of a smooth finish to patch me over till I can paint it for real.

9. 5 months into my build and everything so far has been maintenance/reconstructing. Getting the pulleys and intake on as well as doing the short shifter mod should make me feel better about that. And then once I find some prothanes, a header, and exhaust, that'll probably help too.
2009-08-19 18:56:56
Did you ever get those springs from some tard?
2009-08-20 00:03:24
I did actually, forgot to let you know. Still haven't opened the box though. It's been pretty busy as of late.
2009-08-20 02:29:12
Originally Posted by arcangel187
I did actually, forgot to let you know. Still haven't opened the box though. It's been pretty busy as of late.

ok good. As long as you got them.
2009-10-13 16:18:29
Wow, I haven't updated in two months. It's been REALLY rough financially since May, so fixing the car hasn't been in the works too often, but I will update, and get some pics soon.

I had been having my gas mileage drop, which was the result of a couple of things. My O2 sensor was bad, my ECTS is probably bad, my brakes were sticking, and I had a fuel leak, again. I should maybe invest in hose clamps from Nissan, the ones from Autozone aren't staying tight. At any rate, I've got a new left front caliper as the last one seized and blew the seal right at the banjo bolt on the back of it, replaced the hard line and both the front hoses. I also replaced the O2 sensor and still haven't figured out how to replace the ECTS because it's in a funny spot and nothing I have wants to fit functionally back there.

On a happier note, my brakes are safe again, although I have a ringing sound coming from somewhere any time I'm moving and I'm hoping it's not a wheel bearing, but I haven't checked. I've also fixed my passenger side door-dome light switch, put in the NX center console, made myself a shift boot (looks pretty bad, first attempt), put on the B13 wheels, and put on the POP charger with a new filter from S&B. My ES motor mount bushings in mounts from Tokes should be coming in today I think. I'll see when I can put those in and get the underdrive pulleys on at the same time while I'm in there.
2009-11-07 22:49:08
I don't know how to say this, but I think I'm calling it quits. I'm up to 200,5xx miles now, and the ES mounts are in. The car drives well, the brakes are safe again, but it still has that ringing. I have put a lot of myself into this thing, but it's been painfully obvious for a while that this isn't the right time for me to have this car. I needed a daily, it has been a project. Despite how far I've come, it's time to let go. I've just purchased an '08 Mazda 3i sedan, and I now need the money more than the car. So I'm selling it. I appreciate all the help I've gotten over the past 8 or so months, and I couldn't have done what I've done without it. However, this car needs someone who's got more money and time than I do to keep going forward. I'll miss it for sure, but I'm taking a raincheck. Maybe next time I'll start with a P11. It's a sad day.
2009-11-08 03:59:49
So, you really selling it huh
2009-11-08 06:45:20
I simply can't keep it. I don't need two cars. This one was an extremely expensive habit at a time when I had been needing that money elsewhere. I can't justify putting any more than the $4300 overall I've already put into this car with nothing to show for it but that it more or less runs like stock and is somewhat less dangerous. No turbo, no quarter mile times, no autocross fun, not even subs in the trunk. All I know is for that same money I hear I could've picked up a 'clean SE-R' and gone VE. Must be nice for those that have. Time for somebody with that luck to snatch up a decently straight one and put it to better use.
2009-11-08 15:32:31
Sorry to hear that. B13 cars are definitely of the age where there's always something wrong. I can list about 5 things that are currently wrong with my car, even though I've fixed a couple of things last week. It's kind of like when they say that in scientific endeavors, every answer you find brings about 2 new questions. Seems like in solving one issue on my car, I find one or two other things that are leaking.
Good luck with the Mazda. I guess you're going to be ditching your creeper then?
2009-11-08 15:56:54
I think you made the right choice. It sucks to see someone like you leave the fold but you should have a way easier time with the new car. If you could swing the payments for that thing this whole time why did you pick up an SE-R? Or is someone else footing the bill for the Mazda?
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