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Thread: Alfred.bin Needed - for N60 maf.

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2011-06-16 19:20:20
i didnt notice any change in mpg by switching to the n60 maf thats really odd.. you need to get a wideband man an do some actual tuning
2011-07-06 14:53:39
i've been running 12.5-13 wot but it's leanish 14-15 3/4 throttle. is that bad?

i have:
stock sr20ve
k&n flowstack (like the blox one)
3 inch sri
n60 maf
test pipe no cat
2.36-2.5 exhaust
ebay forza mufffler
thermo spacers

i just reread the thread, thinkin i need to change the fuel filter. but it's only 2 years old. but i have driven till empty on the gas tank. (idiot light don't work lol). And i may be gettting a 3 inch exhaust to get rid of this crap on there now.
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2011-10-08 21:30:58
been reading up on the bins vq tanles and all that stuff. and now have a question.

Lynch i was checking the vq tables and they aren't the same on the alfred n60 less timing bin as what is posted for n60 on the vq table spreadsheet vadim posted.

spread sheet:https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?authkey=CIyvhsED&key=0Anmiu0rUufw3dExLMFZMNkdkZ2pwdUR0aHZnMkhkeVE&hl=en&authkey=CIyvhsED#gid=0
2011-10-08 21:46:21
maybe i didnt select the right maf? idk. i use nistune to do everything, it has a list of mafs to choose from an its tricky gettin the right one sometimes it seems like..

why dont you fix it, test it out.. and then report back.. maybe host it somewhere an share with us

i will be needing to go back to that map soon anyway since i have to take my n1's out in a few days
2011-10-08 21:55:55
i wanna fix it but i have now way to burn chips to see the change and the k value looks like it's wrong too?
2011-10-08 22:48:23
By request- B13 VE - VE INJ N60 MAF - SR20 Forum
this one is n60 maf and 333inj and has a different k value?
2011-10-08 23:07:51
ok so i just tested every 300hp maf nistune has to offer, they are all the same Except for the maf translation, the differences seemed pretty small on the graph but the numbers in the boxes were definitely different. the injector multiplier stays the same, the fuel and ignition scales stay the same the only difference between all the mafs is very small differences in the translation which im guessing is the vq? some of the language between nistune an other programs differs lol

anyways i dont think its going to matter a whole hell of alot.. i could be wrong.. but the only way to really know is to try each and every one...
2011-10-08 23:15:43
Ah ok i just downloaded that bin an opened it in nistune, nistune reads it as having a ECR33 - RB25det maf. same with another n60 maf bin i got from the old forum a few minutes ago..

heres the thing.. turns out tons of shit uses that maf or Very similar. so i think it comes down to just trial and error..

i mean where did vadim get the info for the spread sheet? was it from calum? if so where did he get the info?
2011-10-08 23:20:41
also, as for the differences in the injection multiplier, i cannot explain why they are different.. i know if i go take a stock de bin, set the inj to 333 an the maf to any one of the 300hp mafs in nistune i will get the same injection multiplier an the same fuel / ignition scales with just slightly different maf translation.
2011-10-08 23:45:23
that's what i was thinking on the k value thing. calum posted the same values for n60 vq map though.

i think the reason it still works is cause it's close to the same.
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