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Thread: Alfred.bin Needed - for N60 maf.

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2010-07-07 18:25:31
Alfred.bin Needed - for N60 maf.
I am looking for the famous Alfred.bin that could work with N60 maf for my stock cammed VE, stock inj, CAI and SSAC with 2.5" exhaust.

What is the difference between that bin and the Calum supplied standard bin? What setup is it tuned for?

Thank you.
2010-07-07 19:04:41
the calum bin is alot more tame then the alfred bin, on my car before the cam swap i made 172whp an 142wtq on the alfred bin, afr's were 12.5 pretty much solid accross the board, an i had pretty much the same setup u do minus the n60 maf..

im guessin the calum bin would be alot richer an have less timing but im not really sure on that with out testing it out..

p.s check your pm
2010-07-07 20:56:04
Post it here
2010-07-07 21:10:27
problem is its on my laptop at home an i wont be able to until i bring it in to work with me.. an i dont know where i can upload it so you guys can download it.. how bout jus pm me you email addresses an state what maf you want it set for..
2010-07-08 13:25:38
Thank you for your help.
2010-07-09 06:21:07
all emails sent!
2010-07-09 16:34:57
Thanks Lynch!
2010-07-09 22:45:26
np i will send out the de maf ones tonight..
2010-07-10 04:06:49
ok Wojtekj so you got the regular one from the nistune forum? must of been from my thread eh? heh.
2010-07-12 18:22:26
Yes got it from your thread, tested it during the track day, worked well on the track. On the street I get a lot of off throttle backfire (off vvl especially), please let me know if you guys had similar experience?

Will try your N60 version this weekend.

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