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Thread: Sheet Metal "Puke Tanks"

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2010-05-12 16:05:40
photo of the uncoated please, and why is the overflow/suction tube facing that way? Seems like an awful lot of routing of hose for something that can be easily fixed by pointing the hose towards the rad? Heck even to the front of the car would be better than where it is.

Am I safe to assume that the hose fitting goes to a tube which reaches the bottom of the tank for fluid draw from the rad?

I also don't see this item on your website - perhaps it's time to have a whole section dedicated to nissan items instead of hopping through the different areas first? Wouldn't be a lot of programming involved.
2010-05-12 19:16:35
The uncoated photo is coming soon. The blue fitting that you see is for the overflow, its not the fill for the radiator. The fluid draw for the radiator is on the side of the motor, its almost perfectly in line. You might not be able to see it 100% perfectly from the pics.

2010-05-12 19:23:03
oh snap there we go - was looking for another blue fitting - btw, is there a reason it's not right at the bottom? doesn't the last portion of the container's storage go to waste?
2010-05-12 20:03:30
Alot of times at the bottom of the tanks there is alot of debris that you really dont want to get sucked up. Doing it this way helps keep that out of the radiator.

2010-05-13 03:17:22
Here are pics of the uncoated tank.


2010-05-13 04:21:31
Those are sweet. The P10 needs some love too.
2010-05-13 14:30:06
Here is a couple better pics.

2010-05-13 14:36:15
very nice!
2010-05-13 14:57:43
Originally Posted by Overkill
Order off the site. I do not take orders over the phone.


I am ready to order but don't see these on your website yet. If you can mark me down for one that is uncoated I will buy one as soon as they are available. This thing looks great it holds double the stock amount as still costs less than the Forge Motorsports polished one I was going buy!
2010-05-13 15:26:38
Should be up in about 1-2 hr. Workin on site right now
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