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Thread: Carbon Fiber Interest

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2010-04-09 01:33:28
Side shots:

2010-04-09 01:43:53
Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
hey mark,

i would like to know how you are wraping these parts,,,waht suplies are you using...i have a few things id like to try,but wher you getting the fabric from???

i asked him the same question got no answers though.

i know a guy who does cf wrapping imma go pick his brain this week, i have alot of **** to wrap.

2010-04-09 14:28:58
We are using 2x2 twill 3k grade if I remember correctly. The Epoxy Resin is a 2:1 mixing system.
2010-04-09 23:24:37
Well one part of the lip is done, 100% full CF. We wanted to try it on 1 section before we did both. Should have it on Joes car by Wednesday

Enjoy the pics


2010-04-09 23:52:20
hells yesss...
2010-04-13 14:55:40
Originally Posted by CleanSER
^^Like this far:

Is this the Overkill lip? If so I will take one right now!!!...No carbon fiber for me Thankyou.
2010-04-13 16:12:29
Nope that the 626 lip. But in order to make it work you have to hack it up in 2 spots. The whole reason we are making a new one and with CF, so it will function correctly and weight in at under 1lb
2010-04-13 17:18:19
so is the new lip gonna be all one piece?
Go ahead and put me on the list either way.I want to ome out there real soon and see you guys.
I need to get another LCAB.Maybe I can pick one up when I am there.
2010-04-13 18:39:28
Sounds good eggy. We got joes car here and we got a lift. We should have a few sets done early next week, had to order more CF.

2010-04-13 19:02:31
Cool.PM me your # again so I can call you,Mark.
Maybe I can come out next week,I have slowed down with work lately.
I assume you can just make me a lcab and install it there,since you have the lift now.
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