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Thread: Cai Gb

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2009-01-27 02:19:58
Cai Gb
Ok so I am trying to orchestrate a gb for all platforms using a VE, high port or low port motor. Right now Steve (SuperblackZ) is test fitting the system on his B13 and everything seems to be looking great. The kits will include:

3" CAI: powdercoated piping, three ply silicon couplers, welded nipples, MAF adapter, IAT provisions, clamps, and filter.

Depending on the test results the CAI should fit almost any platforms including: 200SX, Sentra, NX, and G20 for all years using the SR motors.

Please chime in if you think there may be issues about the above mentioned.

The idea for this gb is to combine the sr20forum, this forum and the g20 forum to orchestrate a large group buy to minimize cost.
2009-01-27 02:36:31
how much are you thinking they are gonna go for?
2009-01-27 02:39:39
Originally Posted by djcslice
how much are you thinking they are gonna go for?

Depends on the number but anywhere form 150-200 with a GB. Hey if I get 50 I could probably do $100 each

These are prototype pictures only. The production pieces will be powdercoated, the couplers will all be the same color, etc...
The first pic is of the prototype and the second is of a kit we make for the ZX2 for comparison.

Just so you know MMI used to be the name of the co when it was a sole proprietorship

2009-01-28 03:18:18
2009-01-28 03:27:02
Try posting in the Group Buy section, that section gets more attention
2009-01-28 03:30:08
How can I just get it moved over there?? Miuns the last two posts
2009-01-28 04:08:59
Check out the sticky, you have to contact Crim and ask him for the permission first
2009-02-04 00:16:35
Just sent in for a GB. These should be up soon.
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