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Thread: Nissan NX Hardtop Listings

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2012-06-24 23:20:42
Nissan NX Hardtop Listings
Well Fellas. I figure I'd start this up. I'm a fan of the NX Hardtop. I have two that need to be brought back to their glory days. I figured others might want to get into one.

If you know of a hardtop 5speed either 1600 or 2000 post up. Also NX2ks only came hardtop in 91 and 92.

One ad I found.

91 nissan nx ( sr20)
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2012-06-24 23:49:51
I thought there was already a list somewhere for hardtops?
2012-06-25 00:22:25
Really? I haven't seen it.
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2012-06-25 00:25:15
NX Registry - SR20 Forum Its not the thread i was loooking for, but one of them.
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2012-06-25 00:28:45
Yeah I don't think I've seen one specifically for hardtops. That's why I made this thread.
2012-06-25 00:31:07
2012-06-25 00:33:22
I just found that my hardtop isnt on that list....

although no need for it to be.... it has a good while before it will be on the road.
2012-06-25 00:37:37
I think a lot of the Canadian cars came as hardtops. Crappy thing about those cars is that the cancer got to them.

Hatchiboroku up in the Northwest has this sweet VE'd black hardtop. He was selling it but nobody bought it. I think its full time track car now.

There seems to be a concentration of NX's in the PNW for some reason, lol.
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2012-06-25 00:45:38
Yah we got them all over up here, egg in yo face.
2012-06-25 02:29:15
I have much love for the Hardtops.
My first NX was a 91 1600 hardtop(Tearoffguy still has this car)
I hope to find another hardtopnx someday that I can add to my permanent sr family
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