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Thread: What did you do to your NX today?

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2017-09-15 23:18:20
I can't figure out where to put the pics anymore every hosting site I try and use I fail epically
2017-09-16 00:49:16
[url]www.imgur.com[/url] for the time now seems to be working well.

Just wait til ya get the Antique plate!!!

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2017-09-16 08:29:26
not today but I recently tore out the disgusting mouse nest filled heat exchanger, fan, and factory ac delete boxes from under the dash. installed an aftermarket summit racing heater. soooo much room under the dash now, and everything is a lot cleaner and less hantavirus-y. deleted a ton of unnecessary wiring too. all ABS-related leftover wiring from my ABS delete have been shortened and/or removed. All the cracked firewall matting and recycled insulation material are gone. Looking to install a monte carlo steering wheel next, and the other 350z seat I have for the passenger side. Kinda wondering how much weight I've removed, the car is beginning to look quite svelte at this point.
2017-11-22 17:17:02
Yeah as for the antique plates...well...my NX Now has two titles and two effing antique plates. STUPID penndot!
2018-03-30 17:47:07
Haven't posted here in a long......long time... This forum needs some old school love..

Just got some new NT01's for the Complites. Getting ready to mount up once tempos get above 15ºF at night in wiscony.
2018-03-30 21:06:09
I just added some Nitto Neo Gens to the NX for the FL trip. THREE WEEKS!!!
2018-06-04 15:53:50
Fixed my dead alternator issue, found a headlight unit being loose, it was just a bolt that loosened, found a nut from the mud flaps below the radiator being stuck so much I didn't dare to loosen, noticed I could look outside between passenger door and chassis from the drivers seat and I took some pictures from my NX.


And for that picture, there is a windmill which actually is a big alternator, this are the smallest ones but there are as high as 1000 ft.

Put on to do list, restoring Datascan (For Datascan I I've gotten 3 licenses for a reinstall), then exchange MAF and sniff the exhaust for rich/ lean. Also getting the lighting for my speedometer working again and readjust my window.
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2018-08-27 10:32:28
Picked up some b14 wheels and finally bolted them onto my new-to-me (as of June) NX2k yesterday. Also swapped the transmission fluid for fresh Redline MT-90.
2018-09-26 21:01:34
Resealed the bottom edge of my carbon hatch with 3M Window Weld since the Lexan was lifting. I put an obscene amount on and got the shit all over the place...but I think it is going to hold up.Got our first rain today since I put it on so will see after work how it all held up.

aka hawaiiaNX
2019-04-20 20:39:35
What’d I do? Bought an NX! :-) My SER now has a friend :-)
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