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Thread: What did you do to your NX today?

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2012-12-27 15:13:08
Originally Posted by Jimithin7000
Got drill bits and extractors to remove a broken bolt from my head

Jimmi, AKA Frankensteins Monster

Originally Posted by BurtonNX2000
Also OEM is $38 plus shipping on Gspec. Generic was $23 and actually I had to get it from O'reillys because Baxter's didn't carry it. On rockauto I can get a Bosch cap and a Beck/Arnley rotor for $18 shipped. Thinking about doing that next time.

I got the Beck Arnley Cap/Rotor and I haven't noticed any negative differences with the OEM ones. It still runs like shit, though :P But it did that before I put on the new rotor/cap.

Also, $38 for an OEM set, I wouldn't even want to think about getting the OEM ones at a local dealership. If you keep in mind that I had to pay 88 euros (excluding taxes) for a neutral switch, which was only $15 at GSpec.
2012-12-28 03:02:17
all-red tails,and window tint courtesy of @Tearoffguy,and he helped me install a 626 Lip up front while I was there.
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2012-12-28 04:18:51
Made more progress on my shitter over my holiday break.
Bought and changed to an almost new dash board/pad that isn't all cracked and sun damaged.
Got a sheet of Carbon Fibre and relocated my radio to the lower DIN slot then made up a carbon plate for gauges/controllers in the upper din.
Also currently knocking up some Carbon Front Canards and doing more work on the VE swap.
2012-12-30 22:24:43
Originally Posted by Beebs
Made more progress on my shitter over my holiday break.

Um, congrats?
2012-12-30 22:34:18

2012-12-31 04:00:44
Originally Posted by spnx
Originally Posted by Beebs
Made more progress on my shitter over my holiday break.

Um, congrats?

Lol, shitter is the nick-name I use for the NX.
2013-01-01 21:28:01
Well test fitted some new wheels that are on loan from a good friend of mine... oh and there is the VVL turbo engine waiting for me to sell my running engine so it can be put in... Rays Nismo LMGT2 17x8 front and 17x7.5 in rear running 225/45/17 up front and a 215/45/17 in the rear with a small spacer, I want to get a larger pair soon. I can fit 235/45/17 up front for sure just that these wheels had drift spares mounted to them soo they are just for fitment for now.

I think this is the best 5 lug NX2000 ever...glad I kept it.
2013-01-01 21:39:05
Installed the intake spacers on the VE and the engine block heater.

We'll see how it does later tonight.
2013-01-02 02:17:46
Started mocking things up!

2013-01-04 16:48:23
Drove it around for the first time in a year. Legally, that is.
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