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Thread: Rb26 swapped NX2000

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2012-04-11 13:12:07
IMO the mid mounted FWD setup powering the rear wheels is the easy way out, and you lose the rear seats and hatch area entirely.
Everyone dreams of that properly done front mounted, longitudinal engine with RWD in a B13 (Sentra or NX). It actually saves you a good bit of trouble from having to go nuts in the back, and make sure you line everything up perfectly.
That's where my mind would be heading.
2012-04-11 21:25:55
i think an rb powered nx would be awesome.....nose heavy? who cares....theres an RB under the hood!! LOL

i saw a mustang 2 with an rb in it...it's on youtube....skystang! LOL
2012-04-12 02:24:02
Originally Posted by TrackJunky82
I agree that RB is a heavy motor. You already know the SR20. A rwd Sr20det into an NX would be pretty cool. I'd rather see it done on a Classic though. It would be a 90's 510 like Nissan should have done from the factory.

Same thought as mine. I believe RWD camelback redtop Sr20det is much cool... imagine an NX drifting beside an AE86.

Same with B13 4 door drifting around... so much fun....

And I know Mr. Threadstarted did a great job on AWD SR20DET in his NX and no doubt he can do an RB26 on it this time if he decides to.
2012-04-12 03:11:46
Originally Posted by chapnutz1
NEVER EVER talk in such disrespect rob...4g63 in a b13/14 or nx is just horrible

What happened to the like/thanks button?? Thats as bad as putting a honda engine into it.
2012-04-12 03:12:28
I think you should stick with the RB Nick. You of all people could pull it off!
2012-04-13 05:55:43
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
It's a heavy motor. It may make the front end really heavy... Why not stick 4 cylinder? Try a SR20 or a 4AGE, 3SGTE or even a 4G63...

I have been in a few RB swapped 240's and they just seem nose heavy so I can only imagine a NX. Regardless it would be cool to see. I am all about custom builds like these.

I will admit straight off i did not read all responses. However, I have to agree the rb will really upset the balance of an nx. No doubt you have the skills, i just think they would/could be better utilized. Mid engine sr20ve 2.2. Rwd. Now that would be the business. Kind of a dream build of mine but i dont have the skills.
2012-04-13 16:41:13
I'll be looking at doing corner weight of the car to even everything out as much as possible so the balance really won't be that bad. I think it will actually be less front heavy as well then it currently is. Estimated weight on a r32 rb26dett with awd tranny is ruffly 550lbs and I'm sure i'm in the 450lbs range right not with the gtir engine & awd tranny.

I have a few ideas/tricks up my sleeves for this one
2012-04-14 05:25:21
Looking forward to seeing where this goes
2012-04-14 05:57:08
dont some mid-engine cars have rearends that are also the transmission?

That can help get some weight in the rear.... keep the sr20 up front, put that in the back just for it to be RWD
2012-04-14 13:38:01
Yes, the recent Corvettes (ZR1 only?) have a transaxle. Plenty of front engine cars do it too, like the Porsche 944 and variants. Obviously the 911s aren't mid engine but they have a transaxle as well. The transaxle from the 911 is very popular for kit cars. IMO that would be a bad way to go. Just leave the rear interior alone. Stick a diff out back, and make some room for a normal RWD transmission up front. And use a four cylinder. Or a V6 if you want an even shorter engine. Not many choices for good performance V6s out there, but there are a few.
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