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Thread: NX2000 Awd Conversion

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2009-03-30 15:03:39
Originally Posted by BusinessMan_24
Here are measurements that Chris_200SX_SER on the other sr20forum asked for. They could be around a 1/32nd off. The measurement from the diff to the hub could be off by as much as a 1/8. Also I measured from the far end of the inside of the mounting holes.

what does the rest of that garage look like???? is that a miata wityh couilovers i spy?
2009-03-30 22:21:03
Yeah thats nick's brother kurts car.
2009-03-30 22:40:58
Good eye and ya its my brothers car.

2009-03-31 03:24:12

I did another layer of seam sealer to make sure everything is sealed.

Once it dried I sprayed over it with 3m Rubberized undercoating.

Now I started making my brackets for the rear. The driver side rail is straight but on the passenger side it curves. For the passenger side I cut a piece 8" long and then made 3 relief cuts in it to allow me to bend it.

Next I used a pry bar to bend it to the shape I wanted. Bend it a bit then check it with the frame rail and continue until it matches up.

Once I had the curve I wanted I then filled in what I could with the welder.

For the bigger gaps I cut out a piece to weld in place. I used a magnet to hold it in place on the inside while I tacked it in place.

Now you just run a bead down each side then straight down the middle to raise it to the appropriate height.

Just grind down the welds and your good to go now.
2009-04-01 05:05:39

The Gti-r clutch pedal assembly does bolt right up but you have to modify it so the pedal it self is in the right spot. Here are the weights for the NX and Gti-r parts.

-----Pedal Assembly----------Cables/engine bay brackets
NX-----3lbs 15oz------------------2lb 0.8oz
Gti-r---2lb 10.2oz-----------------1lb 0.4oz (weight of master cylinder)

NX pedals

Gti-r pedal bolted in place. As you can see there is a much bigger gap now then there was before.

There are numerous ways to go about fixing this issue. One way is you could just leave the NX clutch pedal assembly in and drill a hole for the hydraulic clutch pin to connect to it. You would also need to trim the stock assembly down a bit. Another way is you could just bend the Gti-r bracket the way you want the pedal to be positioned. I decided to go with a third option. What I did was I hacked both pedals off right below the orange rubber stopper. I then welded the NX pedal onto the Gti-r assembly. You will have to play with it a bit in order to get it positioned the way you want.

After I welded it up I grinded it down to try and make it look like a factory piece.

It has some surface rust on it so I cleaned it up and sprayed it with primer. I will be painting it gloss black tomorrow.

The hydraulic clutch master cylinder also bolts right up and clears everything.

Since I tore out all the factory stuff on the firewall I wanted to put something in its place. I'm using boom mat which you can order from your local automotive store.

I was way off when I ordered the mating so it will be a week before I can finish the firewall.

The rear sub frame brackets I was working on yesterday are now tacked in place. I need to pick up some more metal and a hole saw tomorrow so I can finish them and move onto the front rear sub frame brackets.

2009-04-02 04:42:48

Isn't she a beaut

After lining up the sub frame underneath I sprayed the top of the mounts with white paint that way when I lifted it in place it would leave a mark where I needed to drill my hole.

I used a 1" hole saw and then hit the hole with a grinding bit to enlarge to about 1 1/16.

Round tube (2 5/8 long) which gets welded in to help stiffen the bracket.

Grade 8 bolt I had laying around.

Hand tightened so I could tack the round tube in place.

Now for the front mount you will have to build the rail down to it and then drill your hole.

More parts arrived!!!
Purchased the Oil pump, Belts (non ac), G-spec Crank Pulley, oil pick up from castilano200sx (thanks)

Purchased the 3" Doug’s Headers exhaust cutout from MN_SR20 (thanks)
2009-04-02 05:00:48
Nice did your parts come in after i left your house?
2009-04-02 05:07:47
ya right after you left
2009-04-02 22:35:40
dude tour are crazy....ive gota see this thing...think i t will be done for april 26th?

how do you have all this time?
2009-04-02 22:48:07
Originally Posted by PEDRONX2k
dude tour are crazy....ive gota see this thing...think i t will be done for april 26th?

how do you have all this time?

I'm still hoping so but we will see. Theres a couple things I might add to my to do list which will put me behind schedule a bit but I'll still shoot to have it done and bring it to the meet.
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