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Thread: Craigslist finds in the Northeast!

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2014-02-16 15:53:03
there's recently been quite a heated debate on the dash Facebook group concerning a QR25 swapped b13 vs SR20. i'm curious if its the same people involved.
2014-02-16 16:42:39
Power to Weight ratio wins
Originally Posted by hammerin

I suppose all the winning and track records goes to one's head...

It's not hard NOT to win via power to weight ratio, the Sentra's bread and butter..... That seems to cause big-head condition, and bears little to no relation to constantly talking shit about the engine that this forum is based.

Originally Posted by 93specv
there's recently been quite a heated debate on the dash Facebook group concerning a QR25 swapped b13 vs SR20. i'm curious if its the same people involved.

I am not even on Facebook and I guarantee that it is the same group of people.
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2014-02-16 20:55:16
Kyle, I wouldn't know. I don't know people's names from Forum handles. Shoot, some people don't even use their real name on facebook...including me :-D I have an alternate profile for groups and my "real" profile I no longer log into. But here's that debate ;-)

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2014-02-16 21:57:56
Lol! Based on what hammerin hank said in comparison to the debate on facebook in that link, the dudes name who's car it is with the qr25 swap is Joe. He does talk some smack about our "25 year old motor." Miko pretty much smashed any argument the guy has and Jamie Marsh straight challenged him in Ohio at the next convention :-D
2014-02-16 22:01:15
I know I had a SpecV back in 2003 and that motor was problematic for sure! Dumped that car no too long before stumbling upon my "25 year old" pos :-D well, she's 21 but you get the idea ;-)
2014-02-16 22:17:45
Well the motor must have been halfway decent if they used it 25 years ago all the way up to 12 years ago..haha
2014-02-16 23:05:48
^I personally love my archaic sr20 platform! :-) I did not care for the oil disappearing in my qr25 powered SpecV...from 35-10,000 miles when I got rid of it. Didn't seem to burn or leak. Just poof! Amongst the other experienced issues in the short timeframe of ownership.

In that facebook link there's a YouTube link of "dude" destroying the competition with a qr25 powered b13, there ain't no debating that...but the SR is far superior in so many ways even with .5 liters less and 35 less bhp factory.
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2014-03-20 00:28:22
93 se-r vvl
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2014-03-30 01:08:02
every 2.5 built from 2002-2008 were recalled.... and if you just so happened to not be on the list for a recall you had to come in for a blow buy test basically.... then you got your engine anyway cus they all failed or were made to fail shhhhhhhhhh

but after that they were fine... minus a few dumb kids reving them till they exploded.
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2014-03-30 03:28:34
I had a 2003 SpecV in 2003 but ignored the recall and actually voluntarily repo'd around 25k miles. There were a few reasons which run a bit deep and personal, also where my handle 93specv stems from (I now have a 93 se-r), but when it boils down good riddens.
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