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Thread: !!BE CAREFUL!! possible thief/scam on long island brentwood/bayshore..

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2013-02-15 13:53:44
!!BE CAREFUL!! possible thief/scam on long island brentwood/bayshore..
On wednsday night i was sleeping. Around 9pm i get a phone call. I ignored it cause i was too tired then i get a text from my neighbor saying to come outside. I ignored it. Well today im warming up my car and he comes up to me and says be carefull i think they were triying to steal your car on wensday.. He said he was hanging out with a friend in his car when a burgendy sentra 91-94 with black rims probably steelies with hid. Pulled up behind my car and turned the lights off right away. He said they where looking.. My neighbor said as soon as they saw my neighbor in the car they turned the car on and left. Fast like they where about to get killed.. Im gonna ask him more details about it.. Since i couldnt not get much cause i was rushing to work. I figured il put it on here. Soo you guys could be aware..
2013-02-15 15:21:07
Thanks for the heads up that really helpful. Not too many burgandy b13s people mess with on in LI.
2013-02-15 15:26:21
No problem man just triying to help out the sr comunity i hate thiefs that always try to take people stuff that they work so hard for... There is a bergendy b13 around my area but im not sure if it was him im not triying to point fingers..
2013-02-15 15:29:30
Shit i would point fingers. Brentwood is known for stealing cars hondas/nissans.
2013-02-15 15:43:03
I'd be blowing up any burgandy b13 I spot. Would follow the one described above to whereever they go. Fuck thieves.
2013-02-15 15:59:30
Tell me about it. But im gonna look more into this... And get more info.. I almost got my other b13 stolen 2 summers ago but thanks to the alarm and quick release they dint doo nothing.. They just piss me off man they have no respect for other people stuff.. But if i catch them i wont have any respect for them eather and il just break there legs on the spot... Then im gonna say if you can drive this car out of here its all yours.. Its only a 94 se 1.6 lol
2013-02-15 16:10:22
I had my bike stolen when I was a kid and was going nuts. I could not imagine my car. I take all precautions for thieves. Just got a new dog as well just in case!
2013-02-15 17:14:06
Update.. The car was a 2 door it had the se r wing tinted windows and fog lights...
2013-03-08 03:45:22
Lay them where you find them. That's the way to go .especially towards a thieves.
2013-04-03 02:08:21
thx for the heads up even tho im in nassau !!
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