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Thread: Defrost track day?

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2012-03-22 15:36:49
So many issues last night guys. It was like a fucking horror movie. First pass I had to go asap with 20psi in the slicks. Car went 13.3 @ 107 with a 2.3 60'. I dropped the slicks down to 20psi for the next run. As soon as it hits the water box, it wont rev passed 5K. Had to pull off. Turns out it was the ecu was vibrating or something. Third run was a bog but another 13.3. Then last run where I said fuck it no mercy, the car springs a coolant leak. I got pissed and said lets load it up. One of the straps on the dolly were snapped off so had to rig the car on, stopping every 20 mins to check the straps for the 2hr ride home.

Long story short: Car only had 2 passes. 13.3 @ 107 with 2.3 60'. Lots of issues. Make sure pound your cars on the street before the track.

BTW, if your valve cover doesn't stop leaking, Vice grips do wonders. Won't even vibrate off over 9,000rpm's.
2012-03-22 15:45:38
That issome good mph. What'sthe setup?

x100 on pounding your car on the street before the track.
2012-03-22 16:14:57
vice grips did wonders and the car was moving up top. cant wait for the new motor to go in and really get after it on the track.
2012-03-22 17:24:01
It was a street tuned basic ass setup.

SR16 pistons not shaved
VET headgasket
Cory's old 4-1 that is smashed on the bottom lol
3" intake
weight reduction

vice grips ftmfw! LOL
2012-03-22 21:03:16
videos to follow
2012-03-23 01:15:54
Its a waste. I am going back with the 2liter one more time to run a 12 and then drive the bitch home. Fuck this. I want 12's on this motor. More weight reduction to come. Going smooth daddy fig on this bitch.
2012-03-23 01:24:37
i will be out there bes cant sit on the sidelines i hate seeing those slow cars run.
2012-03-23 20:15:57
The one car I liked was the purple EK hatch. Fukin thing was violent. Everything else was like ehhh.
2012-03-24 00:07:44
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
The one car I liked was the purple EK hatch. Fukin thing was violent. Everything else was like ehhh.

yeah..that civic ran 9.3 @150ish then the last run it broke something..my runs were garbage my best run was 13.1 @112.97 on 13.5 psi 2.3 60ft
2012-03-24 00:57:32
Just gotta get some slicks on there bro.

Any of you other pansies willing to go to etown? Come on I am looking forward to hearing what excuses we will have now.
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