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Thread: Wtf: is going on

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2012-01-09 13:50:58
Lol i raced a volkswagen. I beat him
2012-01-09 15:50:25
More of a reason you should keep it
2012-01-09 19:59:29
Originally Posted by nismo94tuner
Its Burim's hatch. Local Albanian lol. Its a clean gunmetal bubble. Video was on his facebook.

wow it was lmao he just text me that. He sayed he beat him. Was the ve spraying in that race?
2012-01-09 20:05:29
Originally Posted by MiguelsaysHELP!
Lmao nice yeah I got him the first race and the second race he got the jump on me if I had cams and a tune he wouldn't have caught me but it was a good race I raced a gsx got him to by a car 1/2 Turbob I'll send you the video if you want to see it

yea post up the video on here.
2012-01-09 20:07:17
what a small world lol. Yea that b20v is built and lays good numbers plus burim is a good driver so if you kept up with him props to you. Were you on drag radials? or slick?
2012-01-09 20:35:08
I'm pretty sure Mike was on regular street tires. Its a B13 with a sr20ve. Basic bolt ons. I've been telling his ass to spray that thing, lol. It helps Mike is lightweight and can drive lol. Definitely a good race though.

Can't post the videos on here. No street racing here.
2012-01-09 21:37:19
Just a ve with headers, and 3" full exhaust and a basic tune no spray in any other situation the car would be bottle up but I need it to last its my daily and I'm running some bald nt01 witch didn't help cause int the video you see how he jumps out infron of me the hatch is clean and fast I was just amazed on how well a stock ve held up against it I can't wait to put cams an a tune if I where on the bottle it would have been a problem with him cause the rican in me would have came out and he woul have gotten an ear full but he was mad cool (I can't post the video cause I think the mod will lock this shit up) but I'll post the link to YouTube
2012-01-09 21:50:35

i belive thats the link if this is against the rules please just delete the link and dont lock the thread please
2012-01-09 22:13:10
I spoke to him on facebook the other day. I'm gunna try and come up maybe this weekend. We can set up some more runs. All cool people so no bullshit.
2012-01-09 22:22:03
Hell yea that sounds good deft let me know you know how me and Wako get down If it has 2-4 wheels we will run'em I might even throw the bottle in it and run the hatch if he wants
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