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Thread: b14 beam bending party, anyone?

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2010-07-09 21:56:49
If he is going to do it you will need a location with a flat surface so make sure you have that worked out. That was my problem with my party no one wanted to host it,Then when I found a place the shop wanted to charge me way too much money to use their lift. Steve also likes you to to schedule it a few months ahead so that way the plane fare is cheaper... Cheaper for you guys as well.... so the sooner you tell him the better. Also where will he be staying once he gets down here to bend the beams? Hotel arrangements? What about his transportation to and from the airport? His Lunch/dinner? you better factor that into the price as well. You better have this all on track before you even contact him. You have to make this guy want to come down here all other wise you will not make this happen.
2010-07-09 22:01:08
^ Lol
2010-07-09 22:10:18
Topdog isn't joking. You need to get everything on point or else Steve won't bother.
2010-07-09 22:11:10
I'm not sure why you're laughing (likely in agreement I assume?) , but the Dog is 110% dead on the money. Steve won't be bothered by anyone unless you line everything up in advance, call him with a big wad of cash, and request he gets on a plane. Having everything squared away means he doesn't have to run around finding a place to eat, a place to sleep, etc. etc.

Someone's going to need to arrange ground transportation as well.

EDIT and of course Jeti beat me to it
2010-07-09 22:12:25
Originally Posted by Viprdude
Nitto Tire: News

hmmmm you shouldn't have posted that because that made it look really doable, like something I might be able to pull off lol. The biggest thing is having an alignment rack to check the toe with. I may have to talk to my old high school shop teacher. My dad could easily fab those little metal pieces.
2010-07-09 22:13:38
Jet and Clekkie (but Clekkie got it), you guys crack me up too! I know this, please fellars I am not ignorant to Steve Foltz.

I am laughing because I know all of what he said.

It is easy to do, more people should learn how to do it and not rely on Steve.
2010-07-09 22:21:27
It might look easy but it's a complex task. Even the slightest beam is damaged, bending it won't do. Natethebrown came up to the Baltimore party from Alabama with a bad beam, luckily Brian at Agile had a B14 parts car sitting around. They were able to swap out beams for Steve to bend.
2010-07-09 22:23:52
i currently have a shop where i can rent a bay for $32.50 an hr..and they have a full out alignment machine..and they are fellow enthusiasts willing to hook up us gearheads..its in the albany area, so LMK if you guys want to come up! as soon as i can get this technique locked in we can start doing this! looks like it can be done easily!
2010-07-10 11:52:52
Better do a few guinnea pig chassis before announcing that. There's a reason only two people in the country do this...
2010-07-10 14:34:00
ill start with my car..if i fuck up the beam..it just gives me an excuse to get rear discs! haha
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