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Thread: New to the Sr20 scene (Coming from the 300zx Twin Turbo scene)

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2010-03-17 01:01:20
New to the Sr20 scene (Coming from the 300zx Twin Turbo scene)
Well first of all I would like to say whats up to everyone. I just picked up 2000 Infiniti g20 5 speed in silver. Im not going to lie but it will take some time getting used to. Leaving the Nissan 300zx scene was very tough but it was time to move on to something different. All i owned was the Nissan 300zx from 2 non turbos and 3 twin turbos. Ive had bad luck with them in my opinion from people stealing it from my house then crashing it or people crashing into me (yes...this time it wasnt me). But long story short ive went from vgtt to sr20de. Im happy about the car but stuff bothers me. Went to the dealer and picked it up. Found out the throw out bearing is bad since it makes noise. I was thinking on putting Turbo on it but I need to find a setup someone is selling in ny or around ny where i could drive and pick it up. If anyone could help me out with this car since i know nothing about (yet i know everything about the 300zx) please i would appreciate. Plus i wouln't mind making new friends.

2010-03-17 01:38:23
Welcome! No offense but the last Z was waaaayyyyyy rice. Not really, but the wing and chrome wheels made it ugly.

The G is nice though! Fun little cars, and boost makes them insane!
2010-03-17 01:39:22
Was this g20 on craigslist in the Hudson Valley? I feel like I've seen that pic before.

Anyway welcome to the sr20 game. Just check the classifieds. You can still get turbo parts shipped if nobody is local.
2010-03-17 01:43:23
Yeah i got the white 300zx like that. All i did was the wheels but it didnt make the car look good as i expected. The White one was NA converted to TT. Yes i bought this car off of craigslist. It was located in NJ. Picked it up last night. If you guys know the following please let me know

1)Any one selling rims for the g20 in the local area
2) Anyone who could change a throw out bearing (throw qoutes)
3) Turbo setup at a reasonable price

Thanks for the welcome guys
2010-03-17 01:54:03
Where are you located?
2010-03-17 02:00:22
Im located in queens NY
2010-03-17 02:02:08
I can do the throwout bearing but I hate working out of other peoples garages. Also come to the meet this weekend and meet some local guys. Its in ct and you will have a good time
2010-03-17 02:22:40
Could i drive to your house and pay you from there? PM me
2010-03-17 03:25:51
Welcome man. I always wanted a black z32 for some reason, lol.
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