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Thread: Help. Rev limit @ 2,000rpm

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2014-08-13 23:08:14
Help. Rev limit @ 2,000rpm
and no its set at like 8,300rpm

This has happened before and went away. Unknown cause. I reset my base idle (unplugging TPS blah blah) and it went away last time. I don't think that was related because now it doesn't fix it lol

No codes, and all data looks good to me..................

Its not a full rev limiter but it still hits it unless you go over like %50 throttle and then it revs above 2,000rpm

I'm hoping John, or Dave can chime in on what is causing the ecu to do this. I don't think its my tune.

BTW im still on basic board and old school Nismotronic.

Damn I wanna let this Doug Fab Intake screem again

2014-08-13 23:14:48
MAF wiring is incorrect or loose or one is disconnected
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2014-08-13 23:34:27
Until I can get my hands on one im stuck. Ill plug the laptop in again ugh.....

I do know for sure if its unplugged you get the 2,500rpm rev limit and it will not rev and higher EVER! haha

If I floor it, it will pass 2,000rpm
2014-08-14 00:05:32
Hmm, what motor is this ?
2014-08-14 07:41:39
Corrupted tune, by uploading with the ignition in ON setting? Happened to me, fuellimiter cut my RPM at 4000rpm in a WOT run! Solved by uploading a new tune with the ignition to OFF. I always double check after this

If that doesn't help, is the speed sensor working in logs?
2014-08-14 12:50:15
I actually bet you inadvertently set your "SET LAUNCH" with the throttle before startup and set your launch control by accident that low.

This is actually a common thing I get messages about .. try either disabling the set launch feature or set your max speed for launch control to 0 and see if it goes away.
2014-08-14 18:36:43
Help. Rev limit @ 2,000rpm
Ok thanks I'll check that. Will report back
2014-08-15 12:50:03
Help. Rev limit @ 2,000rpm
The set launch with throttle pedal can't be the issue because it doesn't save that info once the key is off but it was the launch control settings. The were ok but must have got corrupted some how. I just changed the numbers, then changed them back and it's fine now??
2014-08-16 20:40:05
UPDATE: Thought it was fixed but it wasn't after changing the launch control settings and re burning some chips.... Well it was ok when cold. I didn't check fully warm! and well the issue was still there DAM!

Went over the whole car and found the culprit haha. Cylinder #2 spark plug hole was full of oil right to the top!

This was causing only a misfire at 2,000rpm on that one cylinder. Any other RPM and it was fine lol. Well im just glad its running good now.
2014-08-27 15:14:06

I posted a new topic on my issue. Fuel cut from the overrun fuel cut is kicking in causing this because the 90mm throttle body is too big and the tps barley reads a change unless WOT
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