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Thread: How to use a Q45 MAF full scale for resolution?

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2014-06-20 06:37:59
How to use a Q45 MAF full scale for resolution?
What is the best way to utilise a Q45 MAF on a SR20VE with bolt-ons?

Seems that it's only utilising a small area of Voltage, hence low resolution.

Any ideas how to make this work using SA software, or recommend another large (90mm) MAF options?
2014-06-21 07:17:29
I have no idea, but if you were to convert to a MAP sensor it would be alot cleaner and easier. GM 3bar, pretty cheap on ebay!
2014-06-21 11:07:27
If you want to utalize your entire sensors voltage range then you should get a sensor that is maxed out a little over your engines rate of air flow.

You can not modify the MAF output voltage within nimsotronic, only how the ecu uses what the sensor sends to it.

You may be able to rescale your VQ table to be more precise to you needs after you figure out the maximum voltage that the sensor uses on your engine, but I would not reccomend that as you are just asking for catastrofic failure.

Personally, if I was looking to achive what I assume you are trying to. I would simply run a sr20de MAF in a less restricive housing.
2014-06-21 11:58:51

love this idea, ve maf in a custom intake. not easy without taking it all to the tuners.
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2014-06-21 12:00:39

2014-06-21 23:14:08
I'd try the N1 VQ table with the standard VE sensor that the car uses standard.
Tune around that; though I'm considering using the Q45 housing with a different sensor 'massaged' into it, even consider the VE sensor. Then it continues looking standard.
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