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Thread: NismoTronicSA Tuning Class: May 23-25th 2014

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2014-05-28 01:08:20
I am glad you guys had a good time at the tuning class.

It was awesome to see everyone show up and eager to learn the platform that we have built for these cars.

We will definitely be holding another class in various locations across the states. We will keep you guys posted when those come about!

Thanks again to those who came!
2014-05-28 01:24:27
Have another one in PA, please!
2014-05-28 04:47:45
Just wanted to say that I am extremely jealous of all that attended.
As keen as I am to get more of this useful knowledge, it is a bit of a hike from the other side of the World.
John, any suggestions, ideas of an online tutorial, or something similar?
2014-05-28 06:55:26
I'm also extremely interested in some kind of online based teachings, as there's 0 chance I'll ever be able to make it to a class

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2014-05-28 15:25:38
There's nothing like being there to see it for yourself. I am pissed that I couldn't make it and will definitely make the next one. I attended a AEM series2 class sometime back and that helped me a lot with tuning my car. I need to learn all the little tricks with this so I can master it. This is one of the best options we have for our cars at a great price.
2015-01-07 14:34:24
were the classes ever recorded?!?!?!?!? @JKTUNING @OnTheChip
2015-01-07 14:40:06
Originally Posted by 200sx
were the classes ever recorded?!?!?!?!? @JKTUNING @OnTheChip

Not that I know of.
2015-01-07 15:04:39
Originally Posted by OnTheChip
Originally Posted by 200sx
were the classes ever recorded?!?!?!?!? @JKTUNING @OnTheChip

Not that I know of.

If you guys are worried about people just copying and spreading the info to whomever and destroying any possible classes in the future I think you could make them available to purchase but once purchased you can only watch them through the nismotronic website with a log in or something like that. I feel like that's the only reason they will not be recorded. Dave
2015-01-07 15:36:05
Bro that wont work. I know mad people who use the same netflix login. As much as I would like to take the class i would not recomend it be taught in anyway but in person. Otherwise it will be copied and bootlegged. ( i can see it for sale at the barbershop now)
2015-01-07 20:15:21
Any chance of another class this year?
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