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Thread: My b12

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2013-10-05 02:48:52
My b12

This is my b12 I want to do a swap ca18 is a bolt on but I really wanted to do a vvl
Please people any advice would be appreciated
Thank you
2013-10-05 05:23:28
ca18 is easy, sr20ve is... not so easy

For vvl you need to make new mounts, custom driveshaft(s), new wires/loom, engine management if not using vvl ecu. It is not impossible to fit but it takes lot of effort and money.
also, lots of ppl have said "i will put sr20 to my b12" and then vanished

heres a pic B12 coupe with sr20de for encouragement

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2014-11-20 15:53:27
2014-11-20 17:25:10
If you want you can contact my brother Timmy at TMW Auto in Brooklyn, NY (718)600-7524. He Installed both CA18det and SR20dets in his B12s.
2014-11-21 12:37:14
Another "i will do that and this and *poof* vanish" person...

How many has actually done B12 sr20 mod?
2014-11-21 16:05:22
WELL WELL WELL, looks like more n more people wana get into the b12 game....Id be interested in offering a sr20 bolt in kit for the b12 if people really wana make it happen on a higher frequency. Been contemplating starting a production line of fully swapped and restored b12's with a custom one pce front valence (bumper, lip, grill, and filler), side skirts rear bumper and spoiler. Every thing that is made for these cars will be available for sale if it goes down, im not gona count on some group buy to make it happen, ill make the cars and sell em, if i generate interest so be it, regardless the production line of "new" b12s will be self sustaining.

as for this kit would come with all of the mounts, a custom crosmember/skidplate/ chases brace with a full aluminium pan, strut brace (f&R), axles, etc. and a well drafted set of instructions with dos n don'ts, I have access to powdercoating aswell, so all of this could be color matched or color schemed.

not gona enable people who wana half ass the swap tho... if you gona build it build it right.

could go as far as offering a harness ready for a wire tuck, ready to go already re loomed.

I completed my SR swap last spring, full obdII harness, front to back, got way side tracked and discouraged n havent been active on here, ill update my b12s page, sorry sr20 forum for leaving you all out of the loop. tried to start the car no injetor signal, got pissed off so i went back to workin on m b13 when i parted out a wasted nx2k to get it going again. thats done with now, and i have a full car obd1 harness to get it goign if this obd2 bull shit isnt easly solved, may do it any way to keep is simple.
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2014-11-21 16:17:00
Originally Posted by Mobsters
Another "i will do that and this and *poof* vanish" person...

How many has actually done B12 sr20 mod?

world wide id say 50 to few hundred mostly unknowns, as for knows ive seen sr swaped b12s on google less then 30, theres allot of b12s south of the border tho, considering the economics of it actualy being very practical for some one in lesser economy (mexico, islands, SE asia, etc) its much more comon and those people simply dont have the internet nor are the concerned with posting about it.
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2014-11-22 02:30:05
if you could do it, do a 16ve..
nice ride
2014-11-22 04:33:54
Why do 1.6l when you can do 2.0l with more power&torque and its cheaper too!

But they have same block so you can swap em around if you feel the need.

20ve for the power
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